Monday, September 29, 2008

Taking up the Challenge

In one of the blogs I read, she challeged her readers to pick up their camera and document a week in your life. She also wanted people to scrapbook all of those pictures, but, um, I'm not taking that part of the challenge. Just part one.

So today, starting around 9, I read the blog, and picked up my camera. There may not be alot of typing oing on here (other than captions,) this week, but there sure will be alot of pictures! Want to join me in this challenge?
First thing in the morning, I stumble into the office and check email/news/blogs....
I then got my breakfast around, a newly remembered favorite- just sweet enough but I still feel like it's healthy-ish.
I sit down in front of our TV to watch something mindless (we don't have a table yet,)....
But, alas, there was nothing on, so I take my cereal and go to our room, where my old tv (with the dvd player,) holds a Gilmore Girl disc that I am watching.
Oh boy. Should I or shouldn't I bother washing my hair/ putting in my contacts? Nah, no hair washing. But contacts are definately a must.
My drawer of morning necessities may not look very organized, but, it's the only place in the house that looks like this. Besides.. what am I supposed to do? Have a dozen different baggies full of things?
Here begins the story that all of you married people will laugh and say "i've been there too." It all started when I started on Ian's birthday cake. Mixed the batter and realized I didn't have any round cake pans- except for my ones for cake decorating- but I've only used those a couple oftimes so I am not very used to them. Poured the batter in to two different sizes, put one pan in and then the other one, but it got stuck on the grating and FLIPPED into my oven door.
I think Ian thought I was going to have a heart attack. Not only was it in the hinges of my oven door and dripping down into my pan drawer, but the stuff on the door was beginning to BAKE from the heat of the oven (despite it being turned off.)
Luckily, I thought it was pretty funny, but it was definately that moment where "I just wanted to make him something special but it got ruined!"
It took me awhile to get it all out.
Then I had to whip out another cake mix. Thank goodness for BOGO.
Ian watching Rambo and checking his news sites.
Me joining him for a few minutes and asking a million questions about why a vietnam vet is running from the law in US soil and hurting cops. I just don't get it.
PJ's in the kitchen. Still working on the cake. I need more frosting. It wasn't BOGO. I'll pick that up tomorrow.
Fall candles to make our home look homey. As soon as possible I'm getting a fall wreath for the door. I've got my eye on you Target fall wreath. Just you watch.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Just a quickie...

It's been a good week and today has been pretty great.

Fall has definately arrived, though I have been told that it comes and goes for the next two months before settling in, just in time for Christmas, haha.

We have spent the last three days with the windows open, air off, and wondeful cinnamon candles burning to give us that "fall," smell. My momma used to put out those cinnamon brooms by the air intake and the whole house would just smell like deliciousness.

Today was pretty busy, but in a really relaxed way. I went shopping for Ian's birthday (next Wednesday,) and did my Target and Publix shopping as well. I did have to go back through the line 3 times at Target, only because I kept forgetting stuff, and since it IS a whole highway exit down from us, I figured I better take care of it now.

Tasks for the day
  • Laundry-check
  • Birthday shopping- check
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Grocery unloading (this takes, like, an hour with the stairs and locked doors,)
  • Gift wrapping- check
  • Dinner making for hubby and his best friend (a very delicious pulled pork)- check
  • Reading of chapter in book that I am not so sure in-check
  • Watching political debate- check
  • Deciding to read a book on economics (Basic Economics) - check
  • Playing Monopoly and losing- check check
  • Heading for bed- check

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tappity Tap

Tonight for the first time, I watched the movie, The Fugitive.

Great movie.

But here is my question I have been pondering.

Why, in the world, do cops always seem to have the tappiest tap shoes at the most disadvantageous moment? Seriously. They are creeping around a hotel laundry room with creepy bags hanging from the ceiling and even creepier, a man with a gun, and his shoes TAP on the floor.

Now, I am not saying they have to wear shoes like the ones pictured below. That might be a little over the top.

But, really. Couldn't cops find somesort of balance? A non tappy shoe with structure? I think so.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Strange Man

Today, I got called a communist.
Technically, I got called a hippy communist book seller.

I didn't know what to do with this information.

And all because we didn't carry Barron's (sp?) magazine.

Also, I was told it would be MY fault that he didn't make a million off of stocks today.

He actually shook his fist at me.

Then, I was frightened.

But, I found out I wasn't alone. Apparently he had just called our media stock girl a communist. Our boss was not happy to hear that she employed commies. Apparently it's bad for public relations. I told her I'd look into joining the democratic party. Then we all laughed. Alot.

I guess they know me more than I thought.

I am NOT a commie. OR a hippie.

But I am a bookseller.

Also, I have rediscovered the joy of my Ninth Hour CD. This was a little band that led the music at my 8th and 9th grade camp. I bought the cd when I was 13! They were almost a brand new item then. Weird. Oh, Right. Ninth Hour. They are so so SO great! Kind of like a folksy (lots of strange banjo like music,) and really great lyrics. I have no idea if they are even still a band or if you can buy any of their stuff. I also fell asleep listening to this cd for probably 3 out of my 4 high school years. So peaceful.

Actually I found one cd on amazon. ONE.

Also, apparently there is a satanic band called Ninth Hour. Don't buy their stuff. It's bad.

I did remember, while searching for The Awake and Dreaming CD on Amazon, that the band broke up a couple of years ago and now the main singer still records and performs. Joey Everett. Not as good as when the band was together. I'm going to leave you with lyrics from one of my favorite song.

When the tides of life crash upon the shoreline
When they wash away your castles built of sand
When you're drowning, out in the open ocean,
Won't you take his hand?

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Blind are Driving?!?

Today, as I was driving home from work, I was behind a giant white SUV. And, as alot of cars now have, this one had sticker writing on the back. At first, I thought it was an advertisement. Then... I read it:

Warning: Blind Driver

That's right. It says warning, first of all, which is never a good sign. AND the driver is blind. BLIND. As in, they can not see.

I quickly put on my blinker to get around this crazy car.

I thought to myself? Who puts a blind person in the driver seat? Do they have special technology? Maybe I can see what this person looks like. Oooo no. I probably shouldn't stare. But, why not, not like they can see me. HEY. Why is the driver LOOKing at me. He's supposed to be blind. Hmm. I better slow down and get out of his line of vision. Or non vision. Or whatever.

Now, I am behind the SUV again. I read the sign again:

Warning: Blind Driver
American Blind Company

aW that's nice, a company for the blind.


Oh. no.

Blinds. American Blinds company. This person is an installer or salesman of window blinds.

Oh Sheesh.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Books I Have Read Lately...

I just finished up the series by Francine Rivers, called, the Mark of the Lion. It was wonderful! I learned so so so much about Roman times, the depravity of it all, the Roman conquering of Jerusalem and Germany, and about the persecution of Christians! Not exactly a "happy make you feel good," kind of book, but very interesting with good characters.

One word to sum up this series: Intense

I think I cried like 5 times. And gasped. Alot.
Also, I really don't like when they put the characters' faces on the covers of the book, I like to let my imagination do the work.. So, if you want to read these, find the old covers (like the 3rd picture,) it's a less detailed cover.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Aw crap.

So, below, is this long post about how it is my 50th post.
But.. apparently, it's not. it was my 47th.
But I don't really care, because my blog TOLD me it would be my 50th post so that's what I blogged about, only, they didn't tell me that they count "drafts," as a post in my editing world, but don't show that to you.

So, long story short, I have deleted these drafts so that we are both on the same page.

AND, in two posts, it will be my real 50th post, and I will celebrate it again.

As long as you don't mind that is.

50th Post!

Now, that doesn't sound like alot compared to these "super blogs," who blog like, twice a day, but on the whole, I think that each post I have done has told a story and isn't all about the contests and such that others do, so I am glad that, including today, I have told the story of at least 50 days of my life on here. I hope you've liked the journey as well!

The weekend has been glorious, as predicted. Ian and I had a dinner date with a couple from church on Friday evening at a mexican restaurant, and then we came home and went for a long walk around our apartment complex. I spent some time in my french book, learning, then hopped on over to work for a three hour stint at what was supposed to be a book release party.

There was no party, trust me. I was allowed to leave at about 11:30 because we had like 10 customers and 12 employees. I was happy to leave, even if I lost an hour and a half of potential pay.

Also, free soda night at work has the potential for making me very hyper. Not so much because of the sugar involved, but just the thought of FREE food and drink. Besides, it was diet coke, how hyper could I really get off of that?

Today was spent laying around the house, reading, watching tv, running to the grocery store, trying to figure out how to make chilli (more on that tomorrrow,) watching football for almost 8 hours straight, talking to friends on the phone, writing a million notes to friends and families (check your mailbox around Tuesday or Wednesday,) and, in the evening, sitting on the back porch reading, with a cool breeze blowing through my nonfrizzy (since there is no humidity right now,) hair.

It was beautiful.

I hope your Saturday was wonderful too.

Friday, September 19, 2008

I can just smell it...

Fall is on its way. And. I've heard rumors, that here in Gville we actually GET a fall! And sooner! I might be a little premature in saying this, but I bet in 2-3 weeks it will be full swing fall here in town. The air smells different. Not so....full of moisture or full or hot air. Or full of swamp stink.

And no, I don't mean The Swamp, as in, where the Gators play. That would be sacrilege.

Today is looking to be a day of errands. I get to turn in ALL of my paperwork to get the ball rolling on this long term substitute position, and hopefully I can get my fingerprint and drug test done today as well, though I am not holding my breath. Anyone who has applied for anything knows that if you have everything ready to turn in, they will just give you 3 more things and tell you to come back in a week. But, I am slightly optimistic.

To do: includes possibly mopping the floors, (but since I like hand mopping better, as in, with a rag on my hands and knees, this takes alot longer,) and dusting the office. I am so proud of myself for accomplishing the seemingly impossible yesterday. In thirty minutes I vaccuumed the house, folded 2 loads of laundry, loaded and started the dishwasher, washed all of the pots and pans, and straightened up the countertop/desktop! So much less to do today!

Also on the to do list is to finish reading my book Out of the Silent Planet, by CS Lewis, and begin reading The Pearl, by John Steinbeck. If you want to join in for this mini book club (the book isonly 86 pgs long, and will only last about 3 weeks, so it's not too huge of a commitment,) hop on over to Bound to Books.

More updates to come about our dinner date with a couple from Sunday school, and the book release party that I work, from 8pm to 1am toninght! Should be fun! Lots of dragon loving book fiends running around my store doing weird stuff.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Probably Baking...Definately not Cooking...Unless I'm baking cookies

It is true that I am no Bakerella-definately not, but I would have to say I love baking 300% more than I like cooking. Probably because cooking is a necessity while baking is a luxury.

This probably goes hand in hand with the "I love petting and riding the pony, but mucking the stall! No way."

Not that I've ever had a pony. But if you had ever seen my goliath of a cat....close enough.

Anyways. I LOVE baking. I really like making really GOOD tasting baked goods. And I adore making ones that look pretty too. Probably why alot of my Christmas/Birthday presents have been cake decorating ones. For fondant none the less.

I do believe the conversation (in my head, of course,) went something like this:

Me: Hmm. Fondant. Looks like playdough...or that magic foam stuff

Me after touching it: Um.. definately not playdough..more waxy.

Me after tasing it: EWWWWWWwwww. It tastes like Feet! (FRIENDS reference anyone?)

Me after playing with it: Oh! Well this is nice. It's going to look Beautiful!

I made one cake, then ran out of fondant, the money to buy more, and the will to learn how to make my own.

On to greater things, right?

Anyways, that was all so I could say, that I had to bake this weekend for our college department's lunch on Sunday, and I made Bakerella's peanut butter cookies, and my own version of cupcakes w/ oreos. Very yum.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Day at the Lake

On Saturday, post Nyquil haze, we went to the lake with the college group. Wait....did I not tell you about the my cough medicine night? Well, on Thursday and Friday night, I took the good ol cough medicine to help with my sore throat and slight cough. I always appreciate when I take this, because, well, other people appreciate it. I'm usually a real hoot on it. Apparently this week was no different.

Something about me sitting straight up in bed laughing about how we got to go to the lake. Hmm.

Anyways. Saturday morning, the medicine had worn off, and we set out to Lake Susan, SE of Gainesville.

The church had rounded up a lake house, several boats, and a jet ski for us to use for the day. And use it we did!

Ian and I got a chance to go out on the jet ski before the group of girls flipped it and got water in or on the engine and ruined it for the day. AND I got to drive it! I was thrilled. That is, until we hit a wave and I got freaked out.

I get to cross that off of my "things to do" list!

Spent the rest of the morning standing in knee deep water and taking pictures with the 'action' setting on my camera.

Also. I got a blackmail picture of Ian and Sam in a paddle boat together. Make sure to point and laugh.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The STINK...

Beware mothers of small children, hide all naive noses. "Gird your loins"

There is a stink in the Galloway house, and has been for about 2-3 weeks now. I didn't notice it until this past weekend, and then I realized everything smelled like mildow, the carpet, clothes, air, etc. Since then I have set out to avenge my household's air and fabric's from the offending stink.

Changed the air filter, washed almost all of our clothes, vaccuumed, dusted, windexed, and burned an excessive amount of glade candles and I think I have just about knocked it out.

Just call me SuperBrittney, avenger of odious odors.

Think I need a cape?

I do.

A good smelling cape.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Frosted Flakes and Hot Chocolate...

Not the most nutritional of breakfasts, but I needed a title and that is what is sitting in front of me right now, so, yes.

I'm actually going to take the time to tell you a little something. Or perhaps whine to you about a little something...

I MISS television!

SO badly. I will admit to the fact that I was something of a tv addict before I got married, moved away, and faced the prospect of paying for a cable bill. I think that I would actually just turn it on for some noise in the background most of the time, but then would get roped into sitting and watching ridiculous things.

Now that we're all "independent," and stuff (which totally stinks, let me tell you,) I have not had television in THREE months. Three! Now, mind you, we own two televisions, so that's not the problem. It's getting the cable hooked up. However, there is hope on the horizon of my television coveting. It looks like we should be getting cable in the next week or two. I don't think Ian really understands just how many shows I adore, lol.

I won't bore you with the details of everything, but I will give you a "small," glimpse into what I am excited about:

The Biggest Loser
Grey's Anatomy
The Office
Jon and Kate Plus 8
The Amazing Race
Man vs Wild

Just to name a few. Luckily, Ian likes most of that list. Except I think he really hates Jon and Kate Plus 8.

Okay, I KNOW he hates it. I think because of the picture of her preganant sextuplet belly-it really grosses him out. It probably doesn't help that I say "I want 6 kids too!" everytime the intro music comes on, or the fact that TLC plays constant marathons, and I insist on watching them even though I have seen them ALL before.

Oh TV, how I can't wait to veg out in front of you at every given chance.


Only, I'm not kidding.

Monday, September 8, 2008

The puzzle..

Last week, in my boredom or restlessness one afternoon, I pulled out a puzzle that my friend Jessica had let me borrow for Disciple Now. I plopped a poster board down on the floor (because heavens knows we don't have a table yet, and no, mom, I don't want the cardboard table as my dining room table, I've got more pride than that, um, maybe,) and poured out the pieces. I quickly got the perimeter of the puzzle completed and set about sorting the other pieces into color groups.

Like, 2 hours later, I still had only gotten about half way through (of sorting,) and I was having new found difficulties telling the difference between the colors.

Ian joined in and about half an hour later exclaimed that this puzzle "was crap!"

Somehow, though, we have persisted, and are making some head way on it. We even spent our Friday night working on it.

How cool are we?

Don't judge though.

You'd have a tough time with this puzzle as well. It's a photomosaic puzzle. Which means the entire pictures is made up of THOUSANDS of eensy weinsy tiny pictures, so there is actually no hard cut lines or color areas. It's very difficult, trust me.
And if you don't believe me, believe my mom. It took us 2 months one time to do one of these things!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Interview

I really haven't been up to much, so I don't have an excuse for the lack of posting, except for, it's been pretty dull around here so my posts would sound like this :

"Not much is going on around here. I have plenty of options of things to do to entertain me, and I don't really feel like doing any of them. And for some reason, the things I DO want to do, all need money, so those aren't really options right now. *Sigh* We're jonesing for some tv."

Yup, and that would be about it for the last four or five days.

But hopefully today will be a little different. You see, yesterday, I had TWO interviews, praise God. The first one was for a sixth and seventh grade math position, but for only two periods, but you get sixty percent of the pay and you have no classroom. I did well in the interview, but I am really hoping they pick someone else so I don't have to reject them. I hate rejection.

The second one was much better but a little stranger. It's for the next county over for a school that services only 3rd-5th grade, but it has over 500 kids! 11 3rd grade classrooms, doesn't that blow you mind? Anyways, it's out in the middle of nowhere, but is only a 20-30 minute picturesque drive. The position is for replacing a teacher who is leaving on maternity leave in the next month or two and would become a permanent position for the rest of the year. So, essentially it would be my classroom come Thanksgiving. Only hitch is, since the county is so, um, close knit, they don't just hire anyone. You have to become, like, family, before they will hire you, so I have all of this paperwork to do to become a substitute.

Luckily, they are acting like I will get the job. They introduced me to the teacher leaving, as "the teacher who will probably be taking over your classroom." I got to sit in on her class for 2 hours, which made me realize even more how much I miss it.

I'm counting it as a blessing though, that I will have to wait a month or two. I needto brush up on the 3rd grade (since I never had an internship there,) and on my English as a Second Language techniques since there are TWO boys who speak absolutely no english.

I also have a ton of paperwork that I want to get sent out, like, pronto. So I think Ian and I are going to tackle that today.

Not alot of housework to do, since Ian and I did most of it yesterday. We also had a delicious dinner of Morroccan chicken and hummus, with brownie and cherry frozen yogurt sundaes yesterday. Sam came over for dinner and Friday night activities, which included working on our insane puzzle and watching The Office/Tristan and Isolde. I fell asleep before 11 but I think those boys kept at it for another 2 hours.

Now to find some breakfast.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Remember Norway?

Do you remember our Norweigan friend, Svein? Hop back to posts in mid to late July to read about when he just popped in for a little visit. He was a very amusing house guest, that's for sure.

About two weeks ago I heard that he was leaving friends in southern Illinois on bike. Not a motorcycle. A ten speed. A USED ten speed. And guess what he was planning to do.

Bike the Mississippi River. Just for kicks and giggles.

Oh. my. word.

Well, I just got word that our friend left Memphis...on his bike... for New Orleans late last week. RIGHT BEFORE Gustav! Please, use your imagination, of our blonde haired blue eyed friend riding his 10 speed down the Mississippi towards the hurricane. Of course, he isn't staying in hotels or anything so he has absolutely no idea what is going on. He probably is having a great time, pedaling away, using his new found "people watching," skills at the thousand of cars heading the opposite direction as him.

Poor soul.

Next on our list is to get a hold of him and let him know that northern Mexico is not the place for him to ride his bike. Drug wars and kidnapping running rampant as they are. *Sigh* He'd probably jsut think it was all part of the American experience.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Lesson Learned:

When you are young and newly married, lay out clear laundry rules.

Here's Why:

I come home from work late Sunday night only to find a clean apartment. Hmmm I think to myself. I greet my husband than head to the kitchen for a late night dinner of Fruit Loops (because who choses the healthier almond cluster flakes?)

While in the kitchen, I ask my husband what he did all night. He replies "bought my text books, cleaned up the kitchen, had dinner, called john, did the laundry..." and continued on. However, I stopped listening and put down my bowl of fruity goodness and threw open the laundry room door.

Oh. My. Word.

Nothing, not ONE item was hanging up to dry. I check the washing machine. Nothing.

I check the dryer to confirm my suspicions that my well meaning husband dried ALL of our clothes (including my dresses and his work shirts,)


"Honey, where are the clothes?!"
"I folded them and put them away." he says from two rooms over.
"Oh, no."
"What?" he asks
"um. well. um." actually about to pull my hair out over dispair for my LOFT dresses and his JCrew shirts.

Suddenly he is at my side.

"Why are you in the laundry room?" He asks
"I, um, was just coming to see how you did the laundry."
A look of sheer terror comes over his face. Silence until he says
"Please, tell me. The baskets of laundry were already clean right? RIGHT?"

I am very confused at this point and I follow him as he marches into our bedroom, only to disolve into a fit of giggles as my bewildered albeit very cute husband watches in astonishment.

He had folded all of the dirty laundry. And put it away.


Don't worry, for all of you about to pass on marriage advice in form of comments, we got it under control.

Our new rule is that dirty clothes are kept in one place and clean in another.

I am still puzzled over this though. I asked Ian if he thought the clothes smelled or felt clean. He said no. I asked why he still folded them. He said he didn't know. LOL. Men.

At least I got a good one who actually doesn't mind folding laundry.

So I washed the clothes for him, and today, he folded CLEAN laundry.