Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I have been in a funky kind of mood this past week.

A little bored with the routine of life right now. I get up, eat breakfast, read, eat lunch, read, make dinner, read/watch tv, and go to bed. It's very dull.

Trust me.

And due to the boredom, I've developed a severe case of ennui.

That's French for "bored out of my ever living mind."

This is the underwhelmed part of my life.

Then we have the overwhelmed part of my life.

The part when I realize, "Holy crap! We got accepted to our dream job and will be moving overseas soon!"

That same part of me is exuberant over the fact that I get to move to the Middle East but, is FREAKING OUT over the fact that I have to first move to Canada.



Why is that so weird to me?

My only experience with Canada was a little surreal. A family vacation with my aunts/uncles and four cousins, to Niagra Falls, culminating in my cousin Joseph climbing our hotel room wall like spiderman and punching a hole through the wall.

Yeah, we were cool.

What was even cooler was when my cousin, Kyle, decided he could fix the dry wall by bunching up part of a cardboard pizza box and using chewed gum to "put it back together."

Needless to say, it didn't work.

And we got in trouble.

Canada was a weird place for me.

It's going to be even weirder when I live just north of the land of Fruits and Nuts (ie Seattle,) and in a virtual frozen tundra (did I mention I own NO closed toed shoes? Yeah. I'm a doomed Icicle.)

So, in a mathematical sense, my being underwhelmed + overwhelmed = just plain ol' whelmed. And I think I'm okay with that.

It's just a strange place to be, that's all.


As an announcement, I apologize for the glitchy postings earlier today. I had scheduled six postings and just put today's date on them all (thinking I would surely write them in full and schedule them correctly,) and then I decided to go and take a mini sabbatical from writing to revamp my creative juices.

Imagine my horror when I noticed I had "posted," all of these posts that said things like "tell them about my neuroticness in stores." or "blogging book goal 26 Crazy Love, (and that's it!)"

I'm sorry! They really were supposed to be full posts and I just completely stayed away from my dashboard for a week (which was awesome because I got so much school work done!) and I totally forgot about them! They will be reposted in entirety in the coming weeks.

On the other hand, ya'll really impressed me with your commenting abilities. How you figured something nice to say on a 4 word nonsense post, is beyond me, but I appreciate it!


My hubby did a guest post on Bound to Books about the book "For Men Only!" I've been asking him to read this book (because I loved the companion "For Women Only," and I figured this one would be good too) and he finally obliged.

He's got great insight to what he's learned and how you should go about discussing these things with your the man in your life!

Friday, September 25, 2009

The News

I have tried to put this off for five days now, because I wanted to contact close family friends in person, but someone *cough cough* hasn't been picking up their phone, so I decided I would go ahead and fill you in (you know who you are! call me soon!)

Let me just fill some of you in, in case you haven't been around here for long. Last January, my husband and I started the application process with a Faith based non profit organization (please read between the lines! I use fancy terms for security purposes!) The process is long and arduous, and after five months of paperwork, interviews (3, 3 hour long ones!) psychological and physical exams, and about a bazillion references, we were moved to the next step, which was attending the candidate conference in May. After we did that, it was pretty much a waiting game. Waiting until the board of trustees voted on us, gave their approval, sent us to a commissioning service, and then sent us to two months of training in VA before moving overseas.

As of last week, our start date for our new job was around next March/April, with us not going overseas until July sometime. We were told there was no hope (basically,) for us getting moved up at all, due to the company's financial issues because giving was down.

Then, this Saturday, we got a phone call from our Candidate Consultant (the lady that is charge of us from the start until the beginning of training, essentially,) to let us know that a couple dropped out, for unknown reasons, and we are being moved up!

So, the tentative schedule for us, is as follows:

First, Appointment Week in Shreveport, Louisiana in early November. This is when we get all the technical details of moving overseas, information about our benefits, and about our packing and crating our goods overseas.

Second, have the holidays with the family, wahoo!

Third, Attend training near Richmond, Virginia for two months (late January to late March.)

Fourth, and this is a new step in their training process, move to Vancouver, Canada, for four months of urban training! West coast, here I come! This training runs from early April to late July.

and finally, fifth, move overseas! We will move as soon as the training in Vancouver is over (I think,) and start language school to learn Arabic (it's a 2 year process!) in late August!

Like I said, that is the tentative plan. Things could change, but if we can just make it to the Appointment week in November, then things become pretty much set in stone!

Yay for having a job soon!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ornaments and Etsy

I mentioned a couple of days ago about my recent craftiness.

And I don't mean in the scheming and planning kind of way.

The long story, short, is that I have been creating some crafty handmade Christmas ornaments!

My mom taught me when I was younger, and in the past two weeks, I have created a baker's dozen of these little holiday decorations.

And since I have a surplus, I opened up an Etsy Store, to try to sell a few of them!

I'd love to be able to sell a few, and make a little for our Christmas. Ian and I have been out of work for almost 5 months now, and we'd like to be able to get each other a gift or two.

These ornaments make great presents for any of the women in your life (especially those you can't figure out what to get for them!) I'd recommend them for grandmothers, mother in laws, aunts, sisters, etc. They are made with great detail and look really stunning on a tree!

So, head on over to my Etsy store and check out the ornaments!

Kreativ Blogger

Usually I forget to go ahead and do these, and then they get lost in the mess of things, but recently I was awarded "kreativ blogger," by Kristin (from Jorden and Kristin,) and by One Heart, Two Hands! Thanks guys! or, erm, girls!

(and yes, I am well aware of how idiotic that spelling of "creative," is...but I think that is the look stupid. No, I mean to creatively spell creative!)

So here are the rules:

1-Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2-Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3-Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4-Name 7 things about yourself that people may not know.
5-Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
6-Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7-Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they've been nominated.

Alright now, seven things you don't know about me....hmmmm.

1. I'm an orange snob. I expect my oranges to be sweet and juicy with an abundance of bright orange color and a lack of seeds. I bit into an orange yesterday, here in TN (well the Orange is from South Africa,) but it was disgusting! Dry rotted is the only way to describe it. Florida has made me a snob in many, many ways....I'm working on it.

2. I love sending snail mail to people. I love receiving snail mail from people. I wait with baited breath for mail time everyday,, and I love that something as simple as a little note in the mail can totally brighten up your day!

3. I listen to Christmas music. All. Year. Long. Not necessarily every day, or every week, but I slip in an "Oh Holy Night," or "Little Drummer Boy," whenever I need a pick me up. And, when I had my own home, I cleaned my house to Christmas music!

4. I secretly love the "Real Housewives of," series. New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, it doesn't matter, it's all so interesting to me. Incredibly trashy? Yes. Incredibly Fascinating? Yes, indeed!

5. I don't like cats. At all. I'm sorry to everyone out there! I know most of you have cats, but I have to tell you, cats creep me out. Not in pictures, in pictures on your blogs they look so adorable and cuddly and cute! But in person, uh uh, no way. My big thing is that you can't tell what they are thinking, and cats are SO smart.

If one of those guys had it out for me, I'd be a gonner for sure.

(I think I've watched Lady and the Tramp one too many times.)

6. I'm really afraid of burning myself when taking things out of the oven. Even when wearing oven mitts. Especially then. About a year ago I was using an oven mitt and I reached in and grabbed the pan, and I guess there was a hole in the mitt right in the crook of my thumb and pointer and it just burned the heck out of my hand.

I'm quite comical now, with double or triple layer pot holders!

7. I love rock climbing! I have only done it in indoor gyms, but I seriously think I could go several times a week! It's so challenging and fun to do, the difficulty is finding someone to go that A.) Isn't afraid of heights (so my hubby is out,) and B.) has the stamina to last for about 3-4 hours. that's the only way to get your money out of it!

Well, that was fun! Thanks for reading along!

I nominate....

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Katie at All that Thrills My Soul

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Blogging Book Goal- Book #24

I haven't hit another reading slump. I just forgot to blog about my books these last couple of weeks. And not because I don't want to, but because my other blog, Bound to Books, has confused me a little.

I did, however, finally remember why I was posting about the books I have read on here. My New Years Resolution was to read 50 books in 2009, and that is why these book reviews will continue to appear here. At least until January 1st. Then, any books I read, if I feel like reviewing them, will be posted solely at Bound to Books, unless I feel I have unearthed an exceptionally profound piece of literature.

Mansfield Park

By Jane Austen

I'm not going to say anything about this book, (beca

use this is for book club at Bound to Books, and we will be discussing it the first week of November! Won't you join us?) except that I really did like it.

I did think it was a little different than most other Jane Austen novels, in that i thought it's focus was much more heavily on the integrity of the characters than the inevitable romance of the characters.

And it ended oddly. Very oddly, I thought.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I haven't been around here in a couple of days.

I know, it's only been 2 days since my last post, but that was set up 2 days prior, so it's really been four days since I sat down to write to you, friends.

(and yes, I do set up future posts sometimes, like when I am in a witty writing mood and I don't want to lose an idea.)

There is a reason for my absence.

You see,

We have some new.



Job related news

But I am a little nervous to put it into words in case we jinx it.

After all, nothing is official yet.

In fact, nothing will be official until November 10th.


But it is good news. Just bear with me a day or two more until I feel we are through the proverbial woods....jinx wise.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Endless Food

On Wednesday, Ian and I were at Union University, doing our grown up, newly voted on for hire (long story,) thing.

Our table was set up in the commons/cafeteria type room however, and we were given 10 passes to go through the line and get food if we so desired.

At first I was skeptical. I had never lived on campus during college, and with the exception of eating with my friend Jason on occasion, I had never set foot into a college dining experience.

And then, I saw it. The girl right in front of our table had returned from line with a plate full of delicious pizza and, get this, a glass of chocolate milk.

I was SOLD.

I practically ran to the line, paid with my ticket, and was delirious as I entered the food serving area. I made a beeline for the pizza (YUM!) and almost fainted at the Blue Bell ice cream buffet line, but passed it on to get my beverage of choice.

I kept asking Ian, "why didn't you tell me it was like this? I would have moved ON campus! You mean I could have gotten All You Can Eat chocolate milk and pizza?" and finally laughed and told me that the dining hall was probably the sole reason for so many girls freshman 15.

I scoffed and said I would have avoided it.

He said most of the girls got chocolate milk and pizza.


Darn it.

Maybe it's a good thing I lived at home for college!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Respond and Rework

1. Respond and rework: Answer the questions on your blog,
Replace one question that you dislike with a question
of your own invention, and add one more question of your own.
2. Tag other un-tagged people.

What's your favorite article of clothing?
A pair of VS pajama pants that I received 2 Christmas’ ago. They are just heavenly soft.

What is your favorite board game?
I’m a big monopoly fan, but bananagrams had me at “hello,” since my friends Katie and Mike introduced us. That and Pit, Chicken Feet, and Settlers of Catan. I love board games.

What's your favorite dinner?
Pulled Pork Sandwiches right now. I especially love S0nny’s, and miss having them around.

What was the last thing you bought?
New disposable razors, because my old one was about 6 months old and just wasn’t cutting it (haha, literally.)

What are you listening to right now?
Silence. Sweet silence. That, and the sound of me typing.

What is your favorite weather?
Hmmm, I think I like it all. Except cold. Seriously, I despise being cold. Crisp and cool are alright, but cold?

I’m so going to perish this winter.

What is your least favorite season?
Spring, because it’s such a teaser for summer. In FL it’s hot enough to do all of the summer activities, but you are too busy with spring stuff, ie school, to get to enjoy it!

What's in your purse?
Oi Vey, a little bit of everything. Shout wipes, Chapstick, Clinique Black Honey Lip Stick, a Luna Bar, a pack of gum, my keys, my wallet, a white cardigan, an extra barrette, my Franklin Covey planner (I swear by it,) and my cell phone (on silence, like always.)

Say something to the person who tagged you:
Hi! Oneheart, Twohands! I tried unsuccessfully to find your real name, but maybe that’s how you want it, eh? You have become a fast friend and your blog is full of daily encouragment!

What is your favorite dessert or cool treat?
Chocolate chip cookies. In particular, the dough.

What did you want to become as a child?
A forest ranger. No lie.

What do you want to be now?
A mother and wife.

What is your favorite song?
According to my “most played,” on itunes, that would be “Only Hope,” by Switchfoot. I’m a pretty big fan of Christmas music too.

Which is you favorite country/state, and why?
The US of A. Is that a little arrogant? I just think we are a great country, even with all of our flaws. Might not be the case at the end of this administration (ha!) but my allegiance will always be true. Also, if you haven’t noticed, I’m a pretty big fan of the state of Florida, for many, many reasons.

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?
To the Florida Keys. My husband and I honeymooned there, and all we want to do is go to our Key (duck key,) get a grilled grouper sandwich with pineapple, and a slice of Key Lime Pie (the real stuff,) and sit under a cabana with the ocean breeze. Ahhhh, heaven.

What are your most challenging goals right now?
Being a good wife through my husband’s unemployment. Being a good daughter while living under my parents’ roof again. Getting rid of the “I wants.”

What is your 5 year plan?
Be a good wife, become a mother, move to the Middle East, raise my babies.

What is your favorite sport to watch?
Football (in person or on TV,) and Baseball (in person.)

What show would you want to be a cast member on (reality included)?
The Amazing Race, to travel the world and grow closer with my hubby, or The Biggest Loser, to gain motivation and consistency in workouts.

What is your most prized possession?
Sadly, probably my books. We’ve been essentially living out of suitcases for almost five months now, and we have made it a priority to bring 4 boxes of books with us!

Name one favorite childhood memory.
Playing dolls with my sister. We had such great imaginations and our games were endless. I hope to instill that same sort of disposition onto my own children. (plus, I am sure it was SWEET for my momma to have some moments to herself!)

What is your favorite book of the Bible?
James- It keeps me in line.

What is your favorite quote?

“In order to see the rainbow, you must first endure the rain.”

So true sister friends, so true. I can’t wait to see this rainbow.

What is one country you aren’t interested in visiting?

Hmm. I’m not very interested in Canada. I guess that’s because I think I can see most of that scenery in northern USA. Also, Asia disinterests me, but maybe because it is so far away.

I Tag:

Olyvia at Cascading Thoughts

Kelley at The Lawrences

Ashley at Johnson & Johnson

Guest Blogger

Over at Bound to Books, we have the honor of hosting our first guest blogger!

Callie, a good blogging friend, has done us the privilege of writing up a guest book review, so head on over there to check it out!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I love people watching.

This is a known fact.

Don't believe me? Read THIS post to catch up on when I taught a Norwegian how to people watch.

I'm serious about this stuff.

So, when Ian and I were invited to Union University in Jackson, Tennessee, to host a table at a Global Outreach Mobilization event, (an M event, learning to read between the lines yet?) I was feeling a little queasy about it.

After all, I knew there would be good people watching, but I wouldn't be able to just sit back and observe.

I was expected to interact.

With strangers.

Adult strangers.


Stick me in a room full of Elementary strangers and I'm the belle of the ball.

Stick me in a room of college students and I'm "that girl," hiding underneath of the table.

So we went. And we talked with students about where we are going for our new job with "The Company," and answered their questions about the region.

And then, after the cold sweats subsided and I didn't look like I was going to pass out, I slipped behind our display board to do some people watching.

First of all, let me tell you I am only 22. I finished college a year early and have always considered myself an old soul.

Second of all.... How old are college students now a days? 15? I was shocked at how young some of these people looked!

Thirdly, I had the pleasure of watching one group of college guys eating lunch (no, that wasn't the pleasure...wait for the rest of the story.) They were doing their own thing, eating and goofing off, when, out of nowhere, a girl attacked one of the guys in a bundle of shrieks and hugs and floppy hair.

I was taken aback.

What was this creature? and what was she was doing to the poor unsuspecting guy?

Oh, you know, she was just coming by to tell him him hi.

And to flirt. Duh.

And it just made me hope that I never looked that ridiculous/desperate. Don't you agree?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall TV

I love TV.

That should really go without saying.

So you can imagine my joy and elation with this week being the season openers for alot of American television!

I can honestly say I used to be addicted to TV. In high school, I would watch endless hours of Friends, Gilmore Girls, CSI, Law and Order, The Bachelor, and a plethora of other time fillers. (how did I ever have time to do schoolwork?)

But now a days, I have toned back my love for television and I try to keep it under 4 hours of "must see," TV a week. And now, with cutting myself completely from J&K +8 (for ethical/moral/heart wrenching reasons, you see,) It's really down to only 3 hours a week!

Let me just preface all of this by saying this. Do ya'll remember two springs ago? Do you remember how the screen writers guild was on strike and how they stopped making tv shows for like, months? Do you remember how ridiculous that was? Whole TV seasons were cut down to being like 16 episodes because of greed. Sheesh. It still gets my cackles up thinking about it. What was worse was you would see actors sitting at the strikes with the screen writers, and you know the writers were just thinking "this could all be fixed if you (actor,) would just give me 1 million dollars!" ha.


I have other shows that I am interested in, but these are my "must see," shows...

The Office
Oh how this show makes me laugh. And laugh and laugh and laugh. It's become like a comfort blanket to me and I can't wait to see what this season brings! On a sadder note, my husband was recently told he reminded someone of Dwight. Ian was a little crushed. I told him it just was due to their high foreheads. I also think it might be because Ian thinks Dwight is funny he'll mimick Dwight and make jokes of Dwight, so if you don't know that he's making fun of him, you might think he IS actually Dwight!

Plus, how could you not love Jim and Pam. More specifically, Jim. He makes my heart melt, and I'm a married woman!

Need I say more? I love the Biggest Loser because of all the results you see. And, because I tend to lose weight when it is on air, because I am more aware of my food choices and activity level. Always nice. Plus, Jillian Michaels is just awesome. Ian and I swear we are going to put on 150 pounds just so we can get on the show. We'll blow everyone out of the water when we shed the weight super fast and then we will win $250,000 which will be nice.

My newest favorite....The Big Bang Theory
Being the Creationist that I am, I originally avoided this show purely because of its title. I mean... "the big bang theory," doesn't exactly scream "I'm a cleverly written comedy about four nerds with extremely high vocabularies living next to a {hot} young female neighbor!" now does it?
But it's so funny! My friend Katie recommended it to me, so, skeptical, Ian and I netflixed it and watched the whole season 1 in like 3 days. Tomorrow, season 2 is released on DVD so it will be coming via Netflix on Wednesday for us to catch up on! Season three starts next Monday night at 9:30 EST on CBS. It can be kinda slutty, but I choose to ignore that because, frankly, most shows are nowadays.
And, with only one season more to catch up on, I can't wait for the new season of 24 to come out in January!
What are your favorite Fall shows?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Church Shopping and Other Such Neccessities

It's been awhile since I have give you an update on what is going on with us, so, let me catch you up to date....

Ian and I are still living outside of Nashville with my parents.

Ian is still looking for a job.

He has a BS and a Masters in International Business.

Ian has completed over 400 applications.

Ian has gotten one interview, and it was a bust.

We are still waffling over what to do next. Alright, truthfully, Ian is still waffling over what to do next. I've already decided that we can handle living here for the next 5-6 months (September-February,) until we head for training in March ish for our overseas job.

Ian isn't so sure. But you know how that is. You can handle your own parents, but learning the intricacies of your in-laws is just tiring.

Right. So I am pretty sure we will just stay here and substitute teach. Both of us, that is. We don't have that much in the way of monthly bills, and we will be able to pay off some credit card debt that has accrued due to our 3 moves in 3 months without any job. We'd love to be able to save up some money, and, honestly, to finally have some money to spend!

{Ian's tennis shoes are seriously 4 years old and are ridiculously unattractive. Those will be the first things to be replaced, I promise!}

I have a whole list in my head of things that should be replaced or just acquired. And, since all of our winter things are locked away in our storage unit in FL and are unaccessible, we will have to purchase coats, sweaters, pants, and... closed toe shoes. (what are those again?)

Along with our {hesitant} decision to just stay here, comes the need to find a new church. Our church home will always be back in Oviedo, where we grew up and were married. Our church membership will stay at our church in Gainesville, where there is excellent leadership and a desire to stay connected while we begin our new jobs as M's.

But, we know how important it is to be actively involved with a church, and to have healthy fellowship, so we began our search today.


I hate walking into a new church. No matter how friendly it is, I always feel like everyone is staring.

Moving on...

So the church we tried today was pretty good! It reminded me of my home church at FBCO 12 years ago. Not too big or small. Plenty of ways to get involved, and a nice mix in worship. Ian loved the preaching but I am not sure if he wants to just settle quite yet. We might try out a few new places, but this was the only one in the area that really interested us, so we'll have to do some research.

That's all for now. I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and are well rested for the start of a new work week!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Do you ever have one of those days where you just want to be alone? and I mean for ALL Day.

Today, I am having one of those days. I would be totally okay with holing myself up in our bedroom, snuggled up under the covers, doing a variety of {alone} activities.



Watching endless hours of 24

Blogging on the laptop


Folding Laundry

I seriously wish I could have done that all day today. I'm not really in a talking kind of mood. I just wish to sit and be quiet for awhile.

Unfortunately, Saturday means college football. Don't get me wrong. I am a huge college football fan. More specifically SEC football fan. Even more specifically, a Florida Gator's fan. But in our house, college football doesn't just mean 1 or two games. Saturday means that we all sit around in the family room/loft all. day.


So, when you are looking for a little solitude, I wouldn't count on it on a Football Saturday.

{if, like me, you desperately need some alone time, you too will get good at sneaking away, avoiding all contact, and silencing your phone. Even if it is only during halftime.}

Ahhhhhh, sweet silence.

You Asked For It

Several days ago, I posted our (rather unhealthy) list of Labor Day weekend foods. Several of you asked me for the recipe for the Peanut Butter Cups, and, since it wasn't my recipe, but rather my sister's, I am so excited to tell you she has posted it!

Head on over to Sugar-and-Butter (dot) com or just click Here , for this delicious recipe!

Make sure to give my sister some blogging happiness (aka comments!)

I l-o-v-e these peanut butter cups, though if I would remake them, (oh, and I will,) I will make sure to cut the chocolate in half, and make sure I just lay down a thin layer. Otherwise you are over powered by the chocolate and can not taste the delicious Peanut Butter. And this is the most delicious Peanut Butter filling...ever!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Really Bored Blogger

It's been one of those weeks. The days just seem to stretch on and on, and yet somehow, I can't believe it is already Thursday.

I loved my "week in the life of," challenge I took last fall, and plan on doing it this winter again. But, to appease the crowds (aka my mom, haha,) here is a not so interesting look into a day in the life of an unemployed, stay at home, young wife. Sans pictures.

8:15 Husband's phone ring the James Bond theme song and we both sit straight up in bed hoping it is someone wanting to hire hubby. Not so. It's just his Dad, saying that he received a rejection letter for Ian at the house (we are keeping that address for now.) boo. Roll over and go back to sleep.

8:45 Alarm goes off for real, Head straight to the bathroom to brush my teeth, wash my face, and attempt to take my vitamins. Plug nose as I open my Omega 3 bottle, place 2 chewy vitamins on either side of my mouth, and chew, chew, chew as fast as possible without gagging. Swallow, stick whole head under faucet to try to wash away the stench of death, then take my two multivitamins (they taste alot better.)

8:50 Sneak past hubby to upstairs loft, where 3 laptops await me. Ian's internet is down on his and mine sounds like a gnome lives in it (or a backhoe, whatev,) so I make a beeline for the only working one, my dad's. Check Gmail, blogger, facebook, and cnn. Check Bank of America to see if our credit line was increased, as promised. It was. Phew. We can "pay" f0r classes now.

9:00 Hubby joins me on the couch and we get lost in some food network show about the science behind "not eating before swimming," and if it is impossible to eat 6 saltine crackers in one minute. Find out, it is impossible. Flip over to Fox News to catch a moment of our fair president's "speech." Am bored/disgusted. Think of all the different ways he can make himself look like a complete jerk. Come up with 31 different ways that he could do it in this press conference. He checks off 22.

9:32 Realize I must get father in law a card, and get it in the mail by the time that the mail lady comes by the house at 10:45 ish. Wouldn't be such a big deal except for the fact that "town," is a million miles away.

Get dressed, make hair look not so scary, grab water bottle and head for car.

10:00 In the car, listining to David Crowder Band, getting frustrated with my cd player when it registers "skip song," as eject cd. Bleh.

10:15 Am on small country road heading towards town. Realize how filthy my windshield is. I would like to be able to see out it so I could enjoy the scenery, alas, my windshield wiper fluid is empty.

Pull over to the side of the road. Roll back sunroof. Take water bottle and pour it out of the sunroof towards windshield. Hit wiper button. Presto, chango...clean windshield.

Oh yes, I just did that.

10:30 Arrive at the glorious Pub1ix, Track down bogo cookies (score!) 99 cent cards, and frozen chinese dinners (2 for 3!) Check out after avoiding the "do it yourself," check out counter, which I have deemed totally creepy/annoying/going to take over the world.

10:45 Back in car, decide to be adventurous and change up my route. See wildflowers, cows, and field after field, after field.

11:00 Arrive home, run inside get Ian to help fill out 1 of 2 cards (humorous one is from him, cute and loving one from me, duh.) And have husband run them out to the mailbox. Phew, we made it.

11:03 Shower. So glorious.

11:25 Promise husband to make lunch at noon. Decide to first take the nail polish off of my toes since it looks MckNasty. Am sidetracked by dog/window/bruise on my leg/computer.

11:35 Sit down in front of the tv to watch an episode of 24:season 6 and fix my toes. Lose track of time.

12:00 (on the dot, mind you,) Starving husband comes downstairs to eat. I tell him we'll eat after Jack saves the world. Again.

12:25 24 is over, toes look clean and beautiful, and chinese food is heated up and we dive in. Top it all off with dessert.

1:00 Wander the house. Tell myself to be productive. Make a mental list of things to do "vaccuum hard floors, print up lecture outlines, read the book of Mark, read chapter in textbook, don't watch tv."

1:07 Sit down at parents desktop (yes, we have 4 computers for 4 people. Ridiculous, I know.) to print out outlines.

1:15 Am sidetracked again. Browse facebook, blogger, and CNN. Husbands back needs realignment so I help him out (aka crack his back for him. Any chirpractor is cringing, I'm sure.)

2:20 Vacccuum Hard floors. Sing "It's a Hard Knock Life," from Annie to myself. Lounge on leather couches. Ha!

3:00 Snuggle in to read some school stuff. Doze in and out. Read two chapters in text book (done!) and read 4 chapters in Mark (1/4 of the way done!)

4:00 Walk the dog, brush her, listen to Ian talk to his Dad again!

4:45 Call family friends of ours and talk to some of her kids. They make me laugh. Too bad I wasn't actually able to get a hold of HER! I'll try back later.

5:15 Settle in to email a church about being involved (prayer wise) with our ministry as we head overseas. The church offered to buy us a camera so we could do cool "live," updates, and I had to figure out a semi tactful way of asking "so, when are you going to give us that camera?" haha. I think I succeeded. Any of you have churches that are looking for partnerships with M's? Just let me know!

6:00 Turn on tv, make Christmas ornaments (more on that in the weeks to come.)

Feel like I am starving. Seriously.

6:05 Dad calls to say that we are having Chinese food for dinner. I order General Tso's Ian gets Moo Shu Pork. Will be about 40 minutes

6:30 Mom walks in the door. Starvation has turned my mind to goo

6:50 Dad walks in the door with dinner. The locals attack him.

7:30 Dinner is finished, Ian and I retire upstairs and watch the end of Iron Chef. I finish an ornament.

8:30 I have turned to complete Jello. I have no more plans for the evening. Will lounge on the couch for the rest of the night, watching TV (real housewives maybe?) and eat ice cream. Then again, isn't that what I did almost all day?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Candy Corn

I'm usually not much of a fall person...probably because Florida doesn't really have a fall. It also doesn't help the season's sake that I never went trick or treating (shocking, I know,) it doesn't even get cold until after Christmas (Christmas 2001 had us wearing shorts and tank tops,) and didn't ever get to carve a pumpkin until I was 11.

But, this time around, I am really excited about Fall! I think that's because we are living in Tennessee, and are surrounded by beautiful big trees that I can't wait to see turn colors!

So, imagine my delight when I discovered a candy dish full of candy corn on Monday! Woohoo! Talk about a sugar rush. I think I inhaled 16 kernels of candy corn in 2 minutes! But at least I am getting my fill of vegetables, right?

I did a little research however, after I asked myself "What the heck ARE these things," and I come to find out that these fat-free little bundles of goodness are made from sugar, corn syrup, fondant, and marshmellow! Check out a How It's Made article here!

Also, my mom got a bag of those infamous cinnamon scented pine cones and our house smells like deliciousness now! Always makes me wonder how someone thought to themselves "hey, I have a broom stick, why not dip it in cinnamon essence and leave it as a decoration?" haha

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Big Reveal

Drum Roll Please, boys and girls!

The New and Improved Far More Than Rubies is up and running, thanks to Amy over at Designer Blogs and McMommy and her giveaway!

I am so pleased with how it turned out, and my new blog design is so personal and significant to me.

The background is You are My Sunshine, which was Ian and my song, and we danced to it at our wedding.

Brown was one of our wedding colors, and I love, LOVE, love brown.

My header has a background of Paisley, which is my husband's middle name. And, finally, the picture in the header is my favorite picture of me, ever!

I know it is a little bright, so you might have to adjust your screen settings, haha. It was such a big deal for me to change my design away from my old standby, but now that I have, I can see me switching it up every 6 months to a year (but not TOO often.)

Now, off to a chili supper with my husband. Cornbread and all!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Food Galore

My sister, Heather, and her boyfriend, Ryan, flew in for some family fun this Labor Day weekend. And, since their flight to head back to DC was midday Monday, we decided to celebrate Labor Day a day earlier than most.

So, on Sunday, we headed out to Andrew Jackson's (our seventh president,) home, The Hermitage. We watched the intro movie in the visitor center, used our audio tour guides to inform us, and took a guided tour of the home. It was beautiful. I especially fell in love with the entry way, or foyer, of the home (minus the revolting wallpaper.)

We walked the grounds, came home for lunch, and I crashed for a 2 hour nap. Woke up to found everyone outside playing horseshoes, and grilled out for dinner. We rounded the night out with some board games (Pict1onary and Tr1vial Pursuit,) and Ian and I were triumphant as a team in both games.

Now, the amazing thing of all, was the amount of food that was created and consumed for this weekend. There was only 6 of us, but somehow, we finished off enough food to feed an army.

Our menu for the weekend consisted of these dishes:
Banana Walnut Cookies
Quiche Lorraine
Fruit Salad
Pigs in a Blanket
Hummus and Vegetables
Amish Salad
Spinach and Artichoke Dip
Homemade Reeses cups
Pasta Salad
Meatball Subs
Bagels and Cream Cheese
Hot Dogs
Homemade Potato Salad
Baked Beans
Corn on the Cob

Sheesh. That was a ridiculous amount of food, don't you think?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fall Treat

Alright all of you fall loving tailgaters (or tail Gators, as we like to call ourselves!) Here is a recipe that just screams "Hey, I love fall! And I love portable carbohydrates!"

It's a family recipe for Banana Oatmeal Cookies, from my Great Grandma Brant, to my Grandma Hunt, to my mom, to me, and now to you! Great comfort food! and it is SO unbelievably simple!

Grandma Brant’s Banana Oatmeal Cookies

1 cup Sugar
¾ cup Shortening
1 Egg
1 cup mashed bananas (2-3 very ripe)
1 ¾ cup rolled oats
½ cup chopped nuts
1 ½ flour
½ tsp baking soda
½ tsp salt
¼ tsp nutmeg
¾ tsp cinnamon

Mix in Order Given
Drop by teaspoon onto ungreased cookie sheet about 11/2 inches apart
Bake in hot oven at 400 degrees, for 12-15 minutes

Friday, September 4, 2009

Strange Dream

It is a known fact by my friends and family, that I have weird dreams.

VERY weird dreams.

And on an almost daily basis.

Some mornings, I wake up, and I just let myself forget about the dream, because it didn't really weird me out or anything.

And somedays, I just can't wait for my husband to wake up, or for my phone to ring so I can say "listen to this dream I had last night!"

And since. Ian is still sleeping, and my phone has been silent since I woke up, (I can't very well call someone just to tell them my dream, that's weird,) I'm going to tell you!

I don't really remember the first part of the dream, but that's alright, because the second part is where it got interesting. I was babysitting a small child (no clue who she was,) when I was alerted to the fact that we were in danger.

THere was, a giant squid coming our way. One that ate people, you see. And that squid had it out for ME!

Let me back up and set the scene. I was babysitting, yes, but in my cousins old house (kind of,) and there was two bedrooms connected by a bathroom. My cousin, Kyle, was sleeping in his room, and Iwas babysitting in the other.

Right. So, I convinced the little girl taht if we hid in the closet, under some clothes, said squid would not devour us.

The squid entered the house through the front door (very corgial giant squid, right?) and made it's way down the long hallway to my cousin's room.

The squid then pulled out a polaroid of me, took a look at it with it's giant eyeball, and lifted my cousin out of bed.

The squid said "curly haired one!" (Kyle has hair very similar to mine, but, you know, cut like a man's)

Yes, this squid could talk.
That, or I could read it's mind.

I'm not sure which one was more disturbing.

The squid was just about to devour him, and all of this would be over (sorry Kyle!) when the little girl sneezed (dumb girl!)

Squidy threw down Kyle, who ran out of the house bewildered, and I jumped up to lock the bedroom door, and the connecting bathroom door.

The little girl was in a state of sheer panic by this point, and I ran to the window, threw it open, and knocked out the screen.

All the while squidy was calling for me "come here little curly haired girl, come heeeere!" Gnashing his teeth, and pulling his slimy body along.

It was creepy, trust me.

I heaved the little girl out the window, and told her to head for the hills.

I clamored out of the window just as the squid was breaking through the door, and swiftly scaled my aunt's old jacaranda tree.

Just as I was nearing the top, and as a small crowd of onlookers gathered, and as the squid was closing in on me, I hit my head on a limb of the tree.

And I woke up.
With a headache.

The end.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Louisville Bound

Tomorrow morning (Thursday,) Ian and I are hitting the road again for a semi-quick road trip to Louisville, Kentucky.

Well, not really quick. It will be a 3 hour trip, both ways. And we'll probably only be in town for 3-4 hours.

Southern Seminary, our graduate school, is hosting a job fair.

We're hopeful that the right employer will be there, at the right time.

*and you know when I say right employer, I mean any employer, right?*

So, keep us in your prayers between 9 and 5 eastern time, okay? Thanks!