Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Four Weeks/One Month,Sophia!

November has moved at break neck speed. I keep meaning to sit down and gather my thoughts, but, before I realized it, three or four weeks had slipped right on by! Sophia is, at the time of writing this, 8 weeks old, and just days away from her 2 month birthday. It is taking some major brain power to recollect the details, but I'm doing my best, because it was a special month.

Clothes: Sophia still wears size one diapers and newborn clothes. She is definitely bigger than Grace was at this point, but is still teeny tiny!

Food: Sophia is still nursing for 30 minutes every 3 hours, from 7 am until 10 pm, nursing one to two times at night. I've really struggled with getting her start time for the day cemented, but that is my own fault, I'm just lazy and want to sleep in if Grace and Sophia are still sleeping! I know that it is really important for helping her figure out sleep cycles though, so I'll work on getting up and moving earlier!

Sleep: Her sleep has not been that great. She takes a long time to settle down most days for her naps, but when we hit three weeks old, she began to improve and we really turned a corner with her night sleep.
And, just because I am committed to keeping it real...

*She is still very gassy but as long as she gets her medicine with every. single. meal. she does a little better.
*She started spitting up (very little) around 3 and a half weeks.
*Sophia started making eye contact alot more during this past week!
*Photographing her is HARD. Her cheeks are so giant that it scrunches everything up when she is laying down. Plus, the lighting in my house is very "cool" colored, and it makes it feel overcast when it is not! I need to just get outside with her more and take pictures.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

She Will Have Hair

Grace is still bald, at almost 20 months old.

And, I'll be honest, some days I really worry about her conspicuous lack of locks.

I wonder if it will ever grow in, or if she will be bald for life. I wonder if it will be thin and wispy, thick and curly, or just plain crazy. Because, honestly, she has the potential for all three. I am not even sure what color it is going to be (if it is ever to be any color!)

But then I get a glimpse of my future...

Taking away the scissors after she's cut her bangs when she's five,

Getting yelled at while I try to braid her hair when she's eight, like I yelled at my mom when it was too tight,

Crying over that oh so awful preteen haircut,

Taking her to get her first up-do for her eighth grade dance,

Being late to countless events because Gracie can't decide how to wear her hair in high school,

Reminding her that curly hair, if she is so blessed with it, doesn't fair well with graduation caps when she is finishing college,

Peering over her shoulder while the hair stylist styles her hair to perfection for her wedding day,

and pulling her hair up into a pony tail one day, when she is having her own baby.

So, for now, I remind my self to breathe deep.

Savor the moment.

Cuddle her close.

And remember, she will have hair one day, but for today, she is my beautiful, bald, baby girl.

And, for a walk down nostalgia lane, here's a precious video set to the music Gracie, by Ben Folds. My cousin, Kyle, posted this to my facebook wall on the day that we brought Grace home from the hospital and I still cry every time.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Embrace the Camera

Another week and another success at getting myself in front of the camera instead of just behind it. Though, I did realize that I rarely get a picture of just Ian and I, or Sophia and I. And forget about having a picture of all 4 of us- in fact we haven't done one all together since Sophia was born!

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Since many were asking for a picture of the new haircut (I promise, I wasn't holding out on you, I just hadn't taken one yet!) here it is:

It's much more.....fluffy than I would like. But I won't blame that on the hair cut alone- I've run out of hair spray and the stores here have, apparently, stopped carrying hair spray. Wonderful.

We're coming to the end of a ridiculously busy week. I begged Ian to let us stay home tonight and do absolutely nothing. I even refused to cook- just pulled out one of my freezer meals and called it a night. And now, I am going to snuggle my newborn and then head off to bed because sleep is all I really care to do with my night in.