Saturday, June 21, 2008

Beginning a New Week

We are back from the honeymoon trip. The keys were wonderful, especially since it was my first real beach vacation. We went to Key west for a day, hung out at the resort and the many pools/lagoons, and went on a full day snorkeling trip. The second I jumped into the water, I looked underneath me, and what do you know? A shark! I was shocked and nearly drowned my dear new husband trying to get away from that thing- only to realize it was about 3 feet long!Unfortunately, never having been out on the ocean, I had no idea that I would get so incredibly sea sick. That was not so fun.

But you know what was fun? Key Lime Pie! and eating fish! Sheesh. I have never really been a fish eater, but I ate it every single day down there! I am going to have to learn how to make that pie here at home, the good, thick kind, that is.

Tomorrow morning Ian and I begin the process of finding a new church home. I have been at FBCOviedo for over 12 years now, I can hardly grasp the concept of finding a new church family. We did our online research and found 3 so far that we want to try out. I am praying that we find one we can get heavily involved in. We want a church that we can serve in. Ian really wants to get involved with the international students and/or the jail ministry, and I am undecided which ministry I want to help out with the most. I will be working with kids all day long, so I think a different age group would be nice to change things up. Maybe high school? Possibly middle. And definitely a women's Bible Study.

I'll have pictures up soon of our wonderful little apartment and all of the lovely goodness it has so far. Pardon the lack of furniture....we're newlyweds therefore we have no money.

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