Saturday, June 28, 2008

Strange Strange Strange

I have had a weird evening tonight. You see, we had our first visitor tonight. Ian's good friend (and one of his groomsmen,) Sam, returned from his travels tonight, and popped on over to say hi and get caught up. So all day long, I was psyched to see someone "from the outside." I am probably going a little stir crazy, but I guess that happens when you stay in your apartment for two weeks with only trips to publix and target to get you out of the house.

I digress...

So, I baked cookies, and made sure the house didn't smell like bacon from this morning, and was pretty darn excited. Until about 8:15. When I found out Mrs. Angela (close family friend and my ex"babysitter") got a blog. So I quickly jumped over and read her new entries. Cried hysterically when I found out her son, Carter, my ring bearer, had just accepted Jesus into his life, and then quickly began reading the rest of her blog, and began reading her "other blogs."

By the way.. is that okay to do? I mean, is that proper blogging manners? I believe it is because they posted their blogs as public and not private so it's okay, but do you ever feel like you are intruding on someone else's life by reading a stranger's blog?

Again.. I digress.

So I am reading this blog that she had posted, and I am very intrigued by the pictures posted. I start asking Ian if the family looks normal and what was up with the youngest child's picture. So I jump back to the first post and find out their whole story. I get so wrapped up in reading this family's heartbreaking story, that I am sitting in our office crying when our company arrives, sobbing for the next two hours over their trials and lessons they have learned from. I won't tell you all about're gonna have to read it yourself. But my suggestion is to get a glass of milk, some cookies, a ton of tissues, and a quiet room, and just read, starting in January.

Well, our "company," is still playin stratego with my husband so I don't think my wifely presence has been too missed.

Oh yes. Big news. Ian's friend Svein called today. Svein is from Norway. Actually he is from a Norweigan family who raised him in Japan. He then went to college in Egypt and has been traveling the world such as to the Sudan, Jordan, and a myriad of obscure places, before finally deciding to visit all of his pals that he met in Jordan this summer. So... Svein is in the US! And coming to stay with US! lol.

I never would have thought that two weeks into my marriage, a Norweigan would be staying with us for an undisclosed period of time. Talk about a "You, Me, and Dupree," kind of setting.

So, Svein arrives from Miami via a ride with a friend, tonight. It took Ian quite awhile to convince Svein not to hitchhike his way here; that it is not the same as in Jordan.

Long post, I know. Hope this got you up to date... gave you some reading material...and maybe made you smile a little.

The church hunt continues tomorrow with Norweigan in tow. Then we are all headed out to a spring for some swimming in the afternoon. My husband and I....and his two pals. Weird.

I miss my girls!!!!


Angela said...

Britt.....where do I start? I have tears in my eyes as I type this....good tears though. I was excited for you to read the GOOD NEWS about Carter! I am so proud of him I could burst! As for reading Angie's blog....YES it is good acceptable manners to "blog hop"! I can't tell you how many HOURS I have cried and prayed for Angie and Todd since I found her blog back in March....she is an INCREDIBLE witness......I have often wondered how I could feel love for someone I have never met, but I swear I really love her and her family and pray for them often. Bookmark her blog.... I was hoping you would read it! I love you. Enjoy your company!!!! XOXOXO

Emily said...

Hi Brittney!

No, it's okay to blog hop! Angela got me started in it and I just hopped to your blog from hers!! Angela's responsible for dragging me kicking and screaming into the 21st century! I read Bring on the Rain and sobbed just like you did! Angela passed it on to Steve in hopes that it may become a book! I hope it does- it could bring so much ministry to thousands of grieving parents. The faith of that family is just astounding! Christ just shines through them!
I'm so glad Angela created a blog because I didn't know you had a blog and I've missed knowing how you are!!
My first question is this- did Ian hit his head on something?!! Who the heck has friends stay with them when they are newlyweds?!! I hope for both your sakes the 2 buddies leave soon. Why? Because you are newlyweds!! Your focus should be on each other and that is what being a newlywed is all about!!
I'll give it to ya straight, Britt- you've only been married 2 weeks- if you can't have a few weeks without friends and family interfering on your turf- that's not good. In the Old Testament, the Hebrews believed newlyweds should go off by themselves for a couple of years!! There was a darned good reason! The first year of marriage is tough- I won't romanticize it for you. There's a ton of adjustment to getting used to the fact the you have now promised yourself to this guy, who by now you are really noticing has as many quirks as you do!! And let's face it- guy quirks just aren't the same as girl quirks. It takes time and PRIVACY- to work it out!! Two extra buddies- do not fit well into that equation! "You,Me, and Dupree" is a funny movie- you really don't want to live it! I just can't believe the 2 guys don't get it! Maybe they don't- but Ian should. I know I'm rattling on but you're only a newlywed once and ya'll shouldn't let ANYONE take that precious time from you! Okay- I'll stop nagging now- I'm a mom- I'm way to good at nagging and it's hard to stop when I get going!
We all miss you and love you and keep you in our prayers!
Love, Emily

Kaylyn said...

Holy Moly girl! I cried for a good 2 hours reading Bring The Rain. It made me hug my baby girl harder than ever before. Thanks for sharing...