Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Revisited

Last year, on my old blog, I posted this:

Ten Things I Love About Fall:

1. The change in Temperature. You know me, I love summer and the heat, but there is something about a Fall day.
2. Fall clothes!! So much fun, browns and reds and dark blues! AND they aren’t as bulky as winter clothes so you don’t look all manly all the time.
3. The food. That’s right. You can start to eat what would be considered “winter” food when it’s fall, like chili and hot chocolate.
4. Football! “There’s nothing I love more than watching grown men run around slapping each other on the butt.” I don’t remember what movie that’s from but it always makes me laugh.
5. The World Series. Usually. I was oddly uninterested this year.
6. Pumpkins, corn, and gourds. What an unusual season, when we celebrate things that have been picked and are on their way to rotting. Really though.
7. The colors!! Even though here in Florida we don’t get much of a “season change,” I can still imagine what each tree should look like in any other normal state.
8. Leaves to jump on and to crunch.
9. Thanksgiving. Good food. Family. Music. Friends. Hurray!
10. And finally, the end of fall is my favorite, because that means my FAVORITE holiday is coming. I love Christmas. You’ll read more about the 100 reasons I love Christmas later.


Plus, I showed my pictures from the past two pumpkin carving events:


Transformers pumpkin, 2007

More to come on my love for fall and about my exciting weekend plans!


Anonymous said...

The Transformers pumpkin was the best! We aren't allowed to have them at our house b/c Cynthia thinks they are scary. How sad :-( Oh well...I'm starting an initiative in the office where we team up and carve a small pumpkin in the likeness of our team member. :o) Genius.

Emily said...

Too cute, Britt! Love the pumpkin pics! Now my kids are really after me to get a pumpkin! I'll get it, but we won't carve it before Halloween because it will rot in a day once you cut it! EEEEWWWWW! Love from the Vargas Clan