Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Today my day was spent reading, working, cleaning, and working on our puzzle.

Oh, and listening to ridiculous people discuss politics in a very ignorant fashion. From both parties.

And apparently (according to these people) McCain is just going to fall over dead one day because of his four minor cases of melanoma.

Also, I finished the puzzle! I took a picture and then took it apart. I am so glad to have my family room floor back!

Ian had group meetings everyday this week after work and school, so it's basically just been me, on my own, all evening.

Dinners are a little eclectic. I mean, who wants to cook a WHOLE dinner just for yourself? And then not have the ingredients around to cook when there are actual human beings around.

Benefits of having husbandless evenings: lots and lots of DHC "multiples," shows and a little bit of animal cops. Both shows that he is not particularly found of.

Don't worry honey, I will watch Ultimate Fighting Champion later with you.


Emily said...

Oh,No! Not ultimate fighting! I thought I was the only one tortured with watching it! What is it with men and watching them beat the daylights out of each other! The second 2 torturous channels are the Military and Speed Channels! Have mercy and give me Animal Planet or TLC!! The Food Network is fun, but I avoid it because I don't want to think about eating something I can't have right now!

Anonymous said...

Animal cops? What has your television watching been reduced to? :o) Miss you D.