Sunday, November 16, 2008

How About Some Nervous Energy?

Tomorrow, is the big day.

I mean, the BIG day.

I finally have my own classroom.

And my own class.

I certainly did not expect things to turn out this way.

I certainly did not WANT things to turn out this way.

Certainly not.

But they did.

And God has blessed me now with a classroom, after a lot of tears and prayers and "Why God's?"

I still do not know "why," but that is alright.


Ian and I spent the afternoon up at the school cleaning and rearranging. And by cleaning, I mean making it an actual livable space.

When Ian cleaned the blinds, it looked like a magna doodle, the difference between the clean and the dirty part. Disgusting.

Dead bugs were found in all sorts of intersting places. Gross.

And then, when Ian was hanging my alphabet line above the chalkboard, he dropped U, V, and W behind the chalkboard. Tragic.

I told him he could buy me a new one. And he will.

So the room is Kind of ready for tomorrow. The back three tables are littered with things that still need to be organized and put away, but if you stand in front of those and look forward, the room looks GORGEOUS.

But, sad to say, I won't post pictures until it's all the way done, which will probably be at the end of this week.

So, I am going to use up my nervous energy around the house, which, despite some people's opinion, is sadly neglected. It's the truth.


Marsha C said...

I was praying for you this morning. I can't wait to hear how everything turned out. Love ya,

Kelli said...

Yes, tell us, do!

Angela said...

I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to hear how it's going and see the pictures! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you are a wonderful teacher for the kiddos and I'm sure the classroom is nice and clean. Hope you're having a great week, Mrs. Galloway!