Thursday, January 29, 2009

Adventures in WHERE?!

Odyssey of course.

Because life is all about the journey.

Growing up, I am so lucky to have been surrounded by these wonderful programs. I would ask for them for Christmas and my birthday, and then hole myself up in my room, listening to the entire set.

What are they, you ask?

Well, they are a radio program of course! Just like in the ol' days. Where you have to listen, and visualize what's going on. They are set in the small town of Odyssey, USA, and their cast of characters include Whit, Connie, Eugene, and a plethora of other minor/major characters. You follow the lives of these people as they are faced with different real life situations, and how they handle them in a Biblical way.

The funny thing is, I have learned ALOT just from listening to them.

Take "The Merchant of Venice," for instance. Since, in Odyssey (I know it's made up, but bare with me here,) there is a theater that puts on Shakespeare plays, one of the episodes is the entire play 'acted' out on radio.

Or take the fact that Eugene, one of the main characters, is a genius, and uses a vocabulary on a PhD level. I was understanding them in context from a very young age.

Now, I have heard one or two now that I am 'grown up,' and they aren't so entertaining anymore, but, I know that they are PERFECT-ly entertaining for kids.

There are also books, and videos based on this series. Plus, they come on CD's now. (Whoa-so new-age, right?)

Just a bit of Nostalgia for my readers.

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Callie said...

I love Adventures in Odyssey! I was just like you, I asked for them for Christmas and my sister and I used to listen to them before bed. Ah, memories! Actually, truth be told, I still listen to them sometimes . . . like on long car trips.
I stumbled upon your blog, and I've enjoyed reading it! Drop by my blog sometime, if you care to visit! :o)