Friday, January 30, 2009

Weekend at a Glance

After a really tough week (REALLY, really tough,) I am honestly looking forward to this weekend, busy or not. Tonight we are hanging out at Sam's apartment (where I am typing this at,) to eat dinner, hang out with him and his roommates, play some video games (me, I'll be reading my blogs/book,) and watching a movie (probably Hotel Rwanda, but I brought October Sky to try to persuade them.)

Tomorrow, we are waking up at our leisure, then heading to Orlando for a short little day trip. We want to see the house, and see my parents, since they are probably closing and leaving the house within the end of February.

Sunday, we will be back in Gainesville, because we teach a college Sunday School class. So we will go to our sunday school, to service, then to the class we teach. It makes for a pretty long morning.

It's not so bad when I stuff my purse with cookies.

That night, we will make an appearance at the college group's Super Bowl party, and I am supposed to bring a pot of chili and cornbread, so I will be making that in the afternoon. Also, Ian and I have some IMB paperwork we are working through, and have to take a 556 question personality test. 


(just got in a ten minute classics book discussion with one of the roommates.)

Time to eat!

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