Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day in the Life of An Elementary School Teacher/Newlywed

I thought I would let you in on the thoughts and happenings of one day in my life.

Also, before I start my "day in the life of..." I would let you know, that anything in quotes ", was said outloud, anything in parenthesis, ( ), was thought, but not said. I have learned, through the years, that some people are just not ready to hear all that I am thinking. So I put on that filter, and just let my thoughts amuse me. Others, well, they would probably be confused/worried/terrified if they heard all I was thinking!

So, here we go, day in the life of me:

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

5:50 am- Alarm goes off, I grope around in the dark for my cell phone, which is my alarm, and is on the floor. Husband gets to sleep in, darn him and his 10 o clock start time for work. I'll probably 'bump' the bed, or close a door to loudly in protest. But, not now. Too tired. Stumble to the bathroom and just stand there in front of the mirror. (Yes, this IS why I got up 10 minutes early, so I can STARE for 10 minutes. NOT.) Finally get up enough energy to move self into the shower.

6:20 Out of the shower, putting in contacts. Contacts make me think of Eyes, eyes makes me think of the letter I, I makes me think of insurance. GASP! Our insurance statement came in, like, a month ago!!! Must find it!

6:30 Finally found it. (That's weird, I think to my self, it says I owe NOTHING.) Seriously people. My insurance statement says "owed-none." It was so weird I contemplated waking husband up. Instead, I just left him a post it note.

6:35 Read blogs
Ignored breakfast

6:50 Finally got ready for work. Realized all of my work pants were wrinkly.
Threw entire outfit into dryer.
Shrunk sweater.
Oh well.
Wear it anyway.

7:00 Hop in car, realize I forgot to load new sermons on the Ipod.
Must find interesting cd to listen to.
Found a Rodgers and Hammerstein CD....where did that come from?!?

7:35 Arrive at elementary school, walk by message board, realize it's picture day..... and I am in my shrunken sweater.

7:45 Let the wild animals come in.

8:45 Get called up for pictures. Line class up from shortest to tallest. Break up near fist fight when a girl is taller than one of my 'tough' boys.

Said 'tough' boy tells me "at my old school, on our picture day, I wore my grill and my daddy's bling."


9:30 Back in room, feed them leftover Valentines Party Pretzels.

(I am the best teacher. Ever.)

10:00 Spelling bee. Of course Rabbit is spelled R-A-F-F-I-T. Duh.

11:20 Lunch Break

Sweet Heavenly nectar!
Leftover Jumbalaya for lunch.
Watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 on the computer.
Read more blogs.
Begin composing this post.

2:15 Dismissal. My favorite time of the day. NOT! It is really chaotic and unorganized. I have car duty. Bleh.

2:20 during car duty, principal comes up and asks to see me in her office after the kids are all gone.

(what have I done now?!)

2:30 creep by principal's office, but she has 2 other people in there right now, too bad. Make a mad dash for your room to grade a stack of papers.

2:45 creep by office again. She notices you. Darn it. She takes me in another office to tell me that I won't be doing my next assigned long term subbing job. :( I put on a brave face and will myself not to well up. I tell her just what every boss wants to hear. (Of course it is what's best for the kids, that's what matters most, FCAT is important, I love being flexible,) yada yada yada.

Go to my room and cry. Pack up some boxes so I won't have to do it all next week.

3:00 leave the school. Weird that I only have one more week there. I'm okay with it though. It has been an incredibly frusterating/trying/exhausting 4 months being there. I worry how to tell Ian though.

My commute home is all cows and asphalt. I know what it means now, when cows are standing up, lying down, or sticking their tail out. I feel very informed.

3:30 Walk in the door, tell husband the news. Let him go into his "must figure out the finances," trance. Cry again when he figures out the numbers (we'll be okay, don't worry,) because I feel like I'm doing something wrong (even though I know I am not/ have not.)

4:30 Talk with Raphaela on the phone, while simultaneously get text from mom, (she can text!!!!) saying they got the house.

4:55 Leave for Tioga Town Center

5:00 Coffee with my old friend Kelly. I drink a Java Chip Frappaccino and we discuss weddings, old friends, death, orphanages, internships, nannying, and using the phrase "use your words," to children.

7:00 Return home and make hubby bratwursts and baked beans. No veggies. I'm not apologizing.

7:15 Burn the bratwursts, that's okay though. Just means they are "chargrilled," right?

7:30 Sit down and eat and play a round of Settlers of Catan.
Hubby wins.
I resent him for beating me.
On the day I lost my job.
I refuse to play again.

8:30 Sit down to grade a stack of essays and work on progress reports, while simultaneously watching The Office/Destroyed in Seconds/ Animal Cops.

11:13 Finish typing up blog which I insisted on finishing before bed. Hubby washes dishes.

Bed time

(note to reader, this could possibly be the most incomprehensible post, but I am too tired to read. sorry folks!)


OlyviaNoel said...

Interesting day you had! I'm sorry you lost your subbing job - hopefully another one will come up real soon. Finances can be a bit worrisome. I know I was about to go crazy before I was allowed to substitute! That's funny that you know about the cows :) Matt & I would love to be some place where's there's open fields and animals like that - instead of with traffic and big buildings!

Marsha C said...

Wow... Your life is much more exciting than mine. I know it doesn't help now, but God has a plan for you my little buttercup. He wants what's best for you and things will work together.. You are loved and if you need anything please let me know. I LOVE YOU!!

Emily said...

Oh, Britt! I'm sorry about the sub job. Better and brighter things are ahead! You are a very gifted teacher and if that school can't see that- it's their loss. Until school administrators start serving students and treating the teachers well, the system is going to remain broken. This is why Florida is in the bottom of the heap as far as education goes. Our educational system is way too top heavy and not enough support is going to the classroom. It doesn't take a Master's degree or a PHD to figure that out. It also wouldn't hurt those teachers who don't want to teach or are burnt out to leave- and let the ones who really enjoy kids do the job!

Anonymous said...

Rodgers & Hammerstein = MINE.