Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Like It, I Love It, I Want Some More Of It- #1


Yes, this is just SOME of my beloved Clinque products. Although there are 2-3 "trial," items in there, the rest of the stuff is used in my daily/near daily routine.

In the morning, I wash my face with the soap bar, use the clarifying lotion (astringent in the big pink bottle,) and then use the moisturizer (little yellow square bottle.)

I use some under the eye lotion, (those little two vials in the front,) to help combat my 'allergy eyes.' And then I put a dash of Clinique HappyHeart on.


Then, in my makeup routine, I use a light foundation, powder, blush, and sometimes eye shadow, all made by the wonderful Clinique.

I don't use their lip stuff, beause I haven't found one that leaves my lips feeling non-sticky, but let me know if you know of one of theirs that is non stick!

And, in the evening, I repeat the first step, and then go onto using a Face Scrub, and then an "emergency mask," every three to four days.

Ahhhh. Facial Bliss.

And, I believe, that all of their products are nonscented (except for the perfume, because that would be stupid,) and hypoallergenic.

I really want to try out their mascara, and their solid lip stick. We'll see!


Emily said...

Have you tried the Almost Lipstick? I LOVE that stuff!! The color Black Honey is a huge fav of Angela's and mine- great color and just flat out makes a tired face look pretty! Someday, when you're a tired momma- you'll get what I mean! Love and miss you bunches!

Angela said...

LOL I was going to suggest the Black Honey but Emily beat me to it!! That is THE.BEST!!! I'm so glad to FINALLY be back to reading blogs!! I've MISSED hearing your "voice"! xoxo