Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oh, How I Love Thee...

Let me count the ways:

One: These awesome casual shorts. Of course, I would love them in a plethora of colors!

Two: Pink. Flats. 'Nough Said. I would wear these with my dark dark jeans, and this cute cute white shirt (um, that I don't have...yet.)

Three: Oh OH it's magic.... You knoooooow. Isn't this beautiful? Except for the gold part (I don't like yellow gold,) but even then, I think I could find a way to make this piece work!

Four: Simple. simple. Simple. It is incredibly hard to find simple tees with unique detail, and this store excels at it. Plus, olive green rocks with my indian baby skin.

Five: Ditto

Six: As Mrs. Angela and my mom now know, I have a new found obsession with coral. I love it. Spring and Summery (at least here in FL,) and would match with a bounty of my wardrobe!

Um, I think this is the girliest post I have EVER done. I just thought you might want to share in my new found love for the Crew.


katie said...

cute stuff! I like everything on it. And oh, I'm a BIG fan of coral too! Used it in my wedding flowers

Anonymous said...

Oh little sister...I know a burgeoning JCrew addiction when I see one. As I type this in my JCrew jacket. Don't blame me, it's so easy to fall into the trap!

Emily said...

Britt- I think you just introduced me to a new store!! Holy cow- what yummy stuff!! I love coral too- it just is a happy color and on days when I'm looking tired- it helps me to cammoflage it! Love the post- it made me smile! But...most of all I love the woman that wrote it!! Hugs my Clan to you!