Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday....

Madison!You are growing up into a beautiful young woman, (alright, young teen, I can't quite concede to the young woman part yet!) You are strong, and wise. You are a leader, and a comforter. You are witty, and smart! (pictured here with our cooking bowl on her head. Goof.)

You, out of all of your siblings, are the most like me. Which makes you, believe it or not, my bosom buddy. (you'd probably giggle at the word bosom!) Even at an early age, you were my type of no nonsense "give it to me straight," kind of girl! You fell in love with reading and teaching, and melted my heart with your desire to grow up like me. (pictured here as my guinea pig for an "art in the elementary school," assignment.)

Your smile and your laugh get me every time! And you are always ready for adventure! (pictured here after UCF's homecoming parade one year.)

And you, of all people, are quick to notice the absurdity in my schemes. Practical with a twist of imagination, oh how I love you Maddy! (pictured here at the neighborhood pool. Our semi regular haunt the summer I got my driver's license!)

Your favorite thing to do, to get me either A.) laughing, or B.) storming mad, is to sing this ridiculous song you wrote about "Rolling on the Bed." Just thought you would like to know, even when storming mad, I was laughing on the inside! (pictured here with her younger brother and myself in the UCF honors garden, after a UCF baseball game.)

Even at your eleven years old age, I find great comfort in your hug. I will always remember you as that breath of fresh air that you were/are. I love your smiles. I love your hugs. I love your jokes. I love your songs. I love your grumps. I even love your tantrums. (umm, I think.)
(pictured here in my kitchen, after an attempt at making dirt cake and monkey bread.)

But most of all....
I love YOU, Madison!
Thanks for being a special "cousin/sister," to me all of these years. I am so honored to be a part of your life for the past 11 glorious years.


Marsha C said...

That was precious reading. That will be very special to Madison. Love ya Brit.

Emily said...

What a beautiful tribute to our Ducky! God truly blessed all when He sent her to us!! Love ya Britt!

Angela said...

oh.my.gosh. Brittney I have tears in my eyes-- that was so incredibly beautiful and I cannot WAIT to share that with Madison....I am so very thankful that she has you to look up to as an incredible role model, a Big Sister who has been there for here since she was born. I love you more than I can even say. You are truly one of a kind!!!

Oh and BTW I originally posted this a minute ago not realizing that I was logged on as you LOL! I guess you were still logged in from when you checked your flight this morning!!! :-) xoxo