Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I am definitely a....

Friend of the Library!

This weekend was the semiannual Alachua County Friend of the Library book sale!

(oh, you already know how crazy we are about books?
You aren't wanting to read MORE about books eh?
oh well!)

We have been hearing about this book sale since we moved here, and Ian wasn't too pleased when we missed the one last October because he was in Budapest, and I was too scared to go by myself!

So when the spring sale rolled around, we knew we had to make it, if at all possible!

The sale is held in a warehouse, with upwards of 300,000 books for sale! Most books are $2.00 or less, with many of them in the .50-.75 cent range. The books have either all been donated or are duplicates of a book that WAS popular, but its popularity is waning so they no longer need as much.

The sale runs Saturday through Wednesday, with Tuesday being "half off," day, and Wednesday being "everything is 10 cents day!"

We went on Sunday, but Ian already told me he would be returning on Wednesday for another look over.

I thought it went very well! You have to fight the crowds the whole time, and it can get REALLY claustrophobic in there, with people all up in your face, but if you have a bag (you have to bring a bag/box/cart, to transport your goods,) you can use it as personal space defense weapon!

Sam and Ian contemplating all of the vast amounts of knowledge they will receive from their books!
Then, them looking normal. (my husband has the cutest dimples!)

My bag of books. Thanks Grandma and Aunt Dede, these Publix bags have come in handy!

Ian's bag of books.

Ian and I back at Sam's car, loading our goodies.

All of our loot laid out so we could look at what we found! Ian likes used books, but I have a stipulation of "they have to LOOK pretty," so he did a pretty good job of finding ones that could be cleaned up if their paper jacket was removed!

I found the teacher's manual for my french text book from 11th grade!! I like working through text books like this as a refresher. Did I mention it was BRAND New?! And it was 2 dollars! Even if I decide not to keep it, it can be resold for way more than that!

Two of my books, both fiction. I have heard some of "The widow of the south," and am interested in the plot line. The other book is by Homer Hickam, the guy that the story "October Sky," is based on!

Ian found a brand new copy of "End of the Spear!" Also, aren't my toes lovely? I love the color "Hong Kong Sunset."

One of my prize finds. Mrs. Angela, our family friend, has this book and I love love LOVE looking at it. I found a brand new one for 2 bucks!

All in all, we got 20 books for 22 dollars! What a steal!


Anonymous said...

Super jealous! You guys are going to have one AWESOME library!!!!!!

and I'm a local "friend of the library" too!

Small world!

Callie said...

Wow, I am really jealous! I'm going to have to keep my eye out for anylibrary sales near me. Now I want to go buy a book! But then I don't, because I'm not going to find any for two bucks! Love those good deals!

Love is the Movement said...

I so wanted to go scour that sale for some good summer reading, but I just dont have time in and amongst all the school stuff I have to do.

But I'm glad I got to hear about your experience, it just makes me that much more excited for the fall sale!

Anonymous said...

Ian's books always make me feel stupid.

Unknown said...

Oh my you brought home a library!!! They all look like fun and interesting reads! xxx.