Friday, May 8, 2009

The Weekend

Dear Reader,

I thought I would give you a little heads up, I have a busy weekend coming up!

Starting this morning, with an early 2 hour commute to Orlando.

A 10:30 Hair appointment.
Then my nails.
Then my eyebrows.
(beauty has a price my dear friends,)

Lunch at the in-laws I suppose, unless I could get someone to meet me for lunch.

Coffee with Olyvia at 4.

Rush back to get ready for rehearsal and dinner.

6:30 Rehearsal for my friend's wedding

7:30 Dinner

Saturday morning, bright and early, I have to be at Courtney's (the bride's) house at 7 am!

9:00 am leave for church

11:00 am Wedding time

Reception to follow.....

That evening, head out to the Portofino Bay hotel, at Universal, where my in-laws are spending the weekend. They got Ian and I a room for the night, and bought us 3 month passes!

Sunday Morning
....I have no clue.
But I suppose it will include some theme parking with the in-laws, some food, and eventually a man movie.

Sunday night, back at the in-laws house!


am....price storage units

1 pm, flight to Richmond, VA!

We will be in Richmond for a week long conference/interview for our new Company.


I hope to post some over the weekend/week, but I am not sure how available internet and a computer will be! I have set up some posts already, and I can't wait to read comments! Have a wonderful week ya'll!


jlc said...

Sounds crazy but wonderful!

Enjoy the weekend! :D

Jessica said...

Good luck with everything...Have a great weekend :-)

Emily said...

Wow! I'm glad you can keep all of that straight! That is sweet that your in-laws gave ya passes to Universal! You and Ian can have some fun date nights this summer! You have so many exciting and wonderful things happening in your lives! Can't wait to hear about your Richmond trip! Love from the Vargas Clan!