Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Big Reveal

Drum Roll Please, boys and girls!

The New and Improved Far More Than Rubies is up and running, thanks to Amy over at Designer Blogs and McMommy and her giveaway!

I am so pleased with how it turned out, and my new blog design is so personal and significant to me.

The background is You are My Sunshine, which was Ian and my song, and we danced to it at our wedding.

Brown was one of our wedding colors, and I love, LOVE, love brown.

My header has a background of Paisley, which is my husband's middle name. And, finally, the picture in the header is my favorite picture of me, ever!

I know it is a little bright, so you might have to adjust your screen settings, haha. It was such a big deal for me to change my design away from my old standby, but now that I have, I can see me switching it up every 6 months to a year (but not TOO often.)

Now, off to a chili supper with my husband. Cornbread and all!


katie said...

It is fabulous! I LOVE it!

Kelley said...

It is beautiful! So you!

Anonymous said...

It looks fantastic! Did you do it yourself?!?!

Jessica said...

Wow, I love it!! I love all the bright colors :-)

Emily said...

What a GORGEOUS picture of you, Britt!! Love the new design- it is just as sunny as you are!

Callie said...

I love the new design! It looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

It looks great! I love that song, too!:)