Friday, September 4, 2009

Strange Dream

It is a known fact by my friends and family, that I have weird dreams.

VERY weird dreams.

And on an almost daily basis.

Some mornings, I wake up, and I just let myself forget about the dream, because it didn't really weird me out or anything.

And somedays, I just can't wait for my husband to wake up, or for my phone to ring so I can say "listen to this dream I had last night!"

And since. Ian is still sleeping, and my phone has been silent since I woke up, (I can't very well call someone just to tell them my dream, that's weird,) I'm going to tell you!

I don't really remember the first part of the dream, but that's alright, because the second part is where it got interesting. I was babysitting a small child (no clue who she was,) when I was alerted to the fact that we were in danger.

THere was, a giant squid coming our way. One that ate people, you see. And that squid had it out for ME!

Let me back up and set the scene. I was babysitting, yes, but in my cousins old house (kind of,) and there was two bedrooms connected by a bathroom. My cousin, Kyle, was sleeping in his room, and Iwas babysitting in the other.

Right. So, I convinced the little girl taht if we hid in the closet, under some clothes, said squid would not devour us.

The squid entered the house through the front door (very corgial giant squid, right?) and made it's way down the long hallway to my cousin's room.

The squid then pulled out a polaroid of me, took a look at it with it's giant eyeball, and lifted my cousin out of bed.

The squid said "curly haired one!" (Kyle has hair very similar to mine, but, you know, cut like a man's)

Yes, this squid could talk.
That, or I could read it's mind.

I'm not sure which one was more disturbing.

The squid was just about to devour him, and all of this would be over (sorry Kyle!) when the little girl sneezed (dumb girl!)

Squidy threw down Kyle, who ran out of the house bewildered, and I jumped up to lock the bedroom door, and the connecting bathroom door.

The little girl was in a state of sheer panic by this point, and I ran to the window, threw it open, and knocked out the screen.

All the while squidy was calling for me "come here little curly haired girl, come heeeere!" Gnashing his teeth, and pulling his slimy body along.

It was creepy, trust me.

I heaved the little girl out the window, and told her to head for the hills.

I clamored out of the window just as the squid was breaking through the door, and swiftly scaled my aunt's old jacaranda tree.

Just as I was nearing the top, and as a small crowd of onlookers gathered, and as the squid was closing in on me, I hit my head on a limb of the tree.

And I woke up.
With a headache.

The end.


Anonymous said...

O Brittney, your dreams truly are weird! I'm surprised you didn't wake up screaming.

Jessica said...

I enjoy hearing about your dreams. You may call me anytime just to tell me about your dream. Especially those that will have some strange relevance to my life in the future. ;-)

Anonymous said...

This is weird. What is mom making you eat?

Callie said...

Ha! That's hilarious. I have weird dreams sometimes, but I can rarely remember them with such detail!

Anonymous said...

haha weird dreams are hilarious! When I had my knee surgery the medicine made my dreams even more crazy than they normally are. I get mad when I forget a dream I had that I made a mental note to share :)

Anonymous said...

How weird! You're very imaginative though. Maybe you should write a children's book...but without a scary squid. :)

Kelley said...

oh my goodness! you can remember your dreams so vividly! How crazy (not that you can remember your dreams, but your dream in particular!!

Unknown said...

That's so funny! Yes you have weird dreams! x

Denise said...

It must mean that you miss your cousin and your aunt (I noticed no mention of Ryan or sorry to the!) and that beautiful Jacaranda tree. And we all miss you too! The squid must have been a tornado in disguise!