Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I have been in a funky kind of mood this past week.

A little bored with the routine of life right now. I get up, eat breakfast, read, eat lunch, read, make dinner, read/watch tv, and go to bed. It's very dull.

Trust me.

And due to the boredom, I've developed a severe case of ennui.

That's French for "bored out of my ever living mind."

This is the underwhelmed part of my life.

Then we have the overwhelmed part of my life.

The part when I realize, "Holy crap! We got accepted to our dream job and will be moving overseas soon!"

That same part of me is exuberant over the fact that I get to move to the Middle East but, is FREAKING OUT over the fact that I have to first move to Canada.



Why is that so weird to me?

My only experience with Canada was a little surreal. A family vacation with my aunts/uncles and four cousins, to Niagra Falls, culminating in my cousin Joseph climbing our hotel room wall like spiderman and punching a hole through the wall.

Yeah, we were cool.

What was even cooler was when my cousin, Kyle, decided he could fix the dry wall by bunching up part of a cardboard pizza box and using chewed gum to "put it back together."

Needless to say, it didn't work.

And we got in trouble.

Canada was a weird place for me.

It's going to be even weirder when I live just north of the land of Fruits and Nuts (ie Seattle,) and in a virtual frozen tundra (did I mention I own NO closed toed shoes? Yeah. I'm a doomed Icicle.)

So, in a mathematical sense, my being underwhelmed + overwhelmed = just plain ol' whelmed. And I think I'm okay with that.

It's just a strange place to be, that's all.


As an announcement, I apologize for the glitchy postings earlier today. I had scheduled six postings and just put today's date on them all (thinking I would surely write them in full and schedule them correctly,) and then I decided to go and take a mini sabbatical from writing to revamp my creative juices.

Imagine my horror when I noticed I had "posted," all of these posts that said things like "tell them about my neuroticness in stores." or "blogging book goal 26 Crazy Love, (and that's it!)"

I'm sorry! They really were supposed to be full posts and I just completely stayed away from my dashboard for a week (which was awesome because I got so much school work done!) and I totally forgot about them! They will be reposted in entirety in the coming weeks.

On the other hand, ya'll really impressed me with your commenting abilities. How you figured something nice to say on a 4 word nonsense post, is beyond me, but I appreciate it!


My hubby did a guest post on Bound to Books about the book "For Men Only!" I've been asking him to read this book (because I loved the companion "For Women Only," and I figured this one would be good too) and he finally obliged.

He's got great insight to what he's learned and how you should go about discussing these things with your the man in your life!


katie said...

1. Great post title.

2. Funny about the scheduled posts. I schedule things, intend to write, and then realize I have all these un-written posts that are about to post and by then usually the inspiration for that post has left me and I'm stuck not posting.

3. Get some Uggs for Canada! Worth the cost in my opinion.

4. What Ian wrote about the listening issue is totally true! Having attention divided between me and ESPN is not so loving to me but it happens semi-regularly. So... I might have to buy the book and leave it on his nightstand. Or maybe if I was reading the companion he would be intrigued enough to ask about it...I have read parts of it at the bookstore (bad bookstore book-reader I am) but haven't looked at this one about women. I think it sounds like a helpful way for my husband to understand me. Great to see your husband blogging! And probably should have posted this on that Bound to Books post instead of here. Harumph.

Anonymous said...

Love the post title today! Made me laugh.

Callie said...

I was wondering what was going on with those posts, but I figured you were having a busy week. Yep, we're pretty amazing commentors! You're one of my best followers, so I had to think of something to say to your posts too, even if they're short!

Kelley said...

i understand feeling whelmed....

But that part of Canada is beautiful, but I also went in April and not in the winter!