Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Ian and I are now ringless....

No, we didn't sell them at a pawn shop.

Although I did try to tell my mom that, (as a joke, you see,) but she didn't think it was very funny.

Apparently I need to work on the timing of my humor. We are, after all, jobless, and have just sold one of our cars.

Sorry, mom.

No, instead, Ian and I went to our jewelers and sent our rings in to be replated. They are white gold, so they can be re dipped and look as good as new, sans scratches, dullness, and discoloration. We have a great warantee/service package so this didn't cost us a dime.

In one to two weeks, we'll have our rings back.

But for now, we are ringless.

And it feels weird.


Kyle Scharf said...

wow... i LOOOVE that second shot... love it :D

Kristin said...

I bet you feel naked without the rings! They will be so pretty when you get them back! How often are you supposed to have them re-dipped??

Brian and Ashley said...

A diamond fell out of my band 6 months after we were married so I had to send it to get replaced. I ended up getting a thin super cheap silver band to wear in situations like that because it weirded me out!

Callie said...

It does feel weird when you can't wear your ring, huh? I feel weird if I don't have min eon too. But it's nice that it will look all spiffy when you get it back!
And, oh, did you see Biggest Loser last night? Abby makes me cry like a baby too.

Lauren said...

I never take my ring off & I hate it when its gone. I remember when I dropped my whole set off not too long after the wedding to have them saudered (spelling?) together. Oh how I hated those few days!

However, I had forgotten about the redipping process...I may need to do that soon!