Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dream Home

Every once in awhile, I try to dream about my dream home. I say "try," because it's really hard to imagine ever owning a home.

You see, since we don't really know when we'll be back to the states, we don't know when we'll have the opportunity to own a home!

This doesn't make me as sad as it might sound, but it is hard because most people my age who are married are thinking about buying their first home.

After all, we'll be living in apartments in the Middle East for at least the next 6 years.

And that's not really the same, now is it?

So, I was daydreaming and researching to find out more about my "dream," home, a craftsman style bungalow, like this:

When I came across this house:

Isn't she a beauty? I'd move the front door to the middle of the front, and get rid of the mudroom entrance and make the craftsman styled porch wrap around the front and that one side on the right.

Here's the back:
I LOVE all of the windows and the neat little features that makes these homes unique.

Here's the floorplan for the first floor. Like I said. The main entry would be moved to the center, with the powder room on the left. The upstairs is pretty normal as well, with a master w/ a sitting room and walk in closet, and 3 additional rooms. I could see making the master room a little smaller and turning the landing into a more usable space!
*Sigh* One day, one day.


Lauren said...

Wow...love that house! One day you'll have a house you can call your own...until then I'm sure you'll do your best to make each residence a "home" which is definitely the most important part!

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Pretty house!!! :)

Lindsey said...

Gorgeous house!!!!

Mrs. H said...

I love it! We are in the same boat, I don't know when we will ever be able to buy a house b/c husband could be transfered at anytime. What are you doing in the middle east?

Elizabeth said...

That for sure is a dream house....breath taking!! Wow...how great! :-)

krislyn. said...

I'm loving the look of that house. So, for your new job you really will be in the Middle East for at least 6 years!? Oh my goodness, I could never do that, but I am sure God has some incredible plans for you and your hubby there!