Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In need of Sleep, without a visit from Satan's Minion.

I am SO tired.



13 hours of seminars with a repeat of it all tomorrow.

AND the neighbor girl has croup and has been keeping me up all night.

AND the snow plow came through our campus this morning at 5:10 am.

That’s morning time people!

The solution sprayer truck came through about 20 minutes later.

And then, a dog started barking. Right. Outside. Of. Our. Window.

{which is really odd when you know that our campus is out in the middle of nowhere and there are no animals anywhere around.}

I called that dog Satan’s Minion then rolled over and tried to catch a few more z’s.

As soon as I can catch a wave of wireless internet, I am posting this and crawling in bed.

Pray for smooth, successful, restful sleep!


Kristin said...

ugh i would be so frustrated! i hope and pray you get a good nights rest tonight!!

Brian and Ashley said...

Gross- Sorry Brittney. I'm sure things will get better.

Emily said...

You will laugh at my suggestion, but it may be worth a try.... get some rifle ear muffs. You can get them at sporting good stores or even Walmart. They muffle any noise, but they are kind of bulky on the head. It's better than losing sleep! They work better than the ear plugs that go directly into your ears, which to me, are very uncomfortable. They will also keep your ears warm! Hang in there!

Kelley said...

i hope you were able to get some rest! you will def need it!

Lauren said...

So frustrating...hope you get some much-needed sleep very soon!

Courtney said...

Si se puede, Brittney, si se puede! I love you, friend!

Elizabeth said...

Hope things start to get better! I will be praying for REST for you my dear!

Jessica said...

Aww :-( That must be frustrating not being able to go to sleep b/c of all that noise! I hope it gets better! And how weird about the random dog!

~M~ said...

I am so sorry! I hope you have a night of very deep sleep!!