Friday, June 11, 2010

And the Nations Rejoice!

I am a very happy person right now.


Because after 2 months of using generic face soap, I finally broke down and bought my wonderful ol' Clinique.

I had used it all up right before the move to Canada, when I was all concerned with the weight of my luggage, and had bought a "morning burst," generic scrub.

It was JUNK.

And my poor skin was in desperate need of some professional attention.

So, off I went, to hunt down a Clinique counter. And you know what? For all of the benefits that Vancouver has, it does NOT win in the "department store," department.

They have ONE department store. Two if you count Sears, but that's American, so it doesn't really count.

On a somewhat different note, you know you must look ridiculous when, at the counter the sales girl doesn't try to give you the special package deal pitch, but instead reaches for an under the eye puff concealer.


I hadn't slept much the night before and was sick as a dog (where does that phrase come from!?!) due to a pressure system that had rolled in.

And no, I did not buy the 33 dollar bag/puff remover.

Despite how much I may have needed it.

A girl has her pride.


Natalie said...

that is so funny.
i have never used clinique but heard it is amazing!

Kristin said...

I hate going to makeup counters for that reason! lol

Yelena said...

wow. sounds like you had quite an experience shopping :)
i just discovered your blog:)
i adore it! it's quite fabulous! :)

katie said...

Oooo. Clinique sounds lovely, but I think I'm a Mary Kay girl through and through.