Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Today was a good day.

A really good day.

Full and busy. Long and social. Going from almost 9 am to 10 pm with a 1 hour nap in the middle has left me feeling tired, but oh-so-satisfied.

Since the last time I wrote, I:

Went over the border again. Which really was a blessing, since our border situation has tightened just in the last past week. They increased the visa cost from nothing to almost 45 US dollars. Crazy. And there is an almost one hour waiting period at the border.

I had Chili's again. Praise the Lord! My appetite was hankering for some chicken strips and honey mustard sauce. I meant to get a side of black beans and rice to go, but I forgot. I was so satisfied.

I got to see Baby on the ultrasound screen for almost a full 30 minutes! Baby stretched (uncontrolled movements, mind you, but still incredibly cute,) and waved his arms above his head. *Sigh* It was amazing.

We got back through the border without having to stamp out and back in, which was a true miracle. We are praising the Lord for this blessing, which, if we can help it, will help us in another 3 weeks for our next Dr appointment!

We celebrated my sweet husband's 24th birthday. It was quiet and unassuming, but just what he wanted! A dinner of enchiladas, re-fried beans, and homemade salsa, with a dessert of dark chocolate cake and frosting. We snuggled into bed to watch a movie on iTunes, but then it freaked both of us out and was a bit too dark and ominous for a birthday movie date (The Road, which I heard the book is amazing, but cannibalism, on a birthday? no thank you.) So, we watched Frequency and were happy. We love us some drama and suspense movies.

We got to grill out with some class mates of ours. Had "white," barbecue sauce for the first time in my life and was quite pleased. I also loved seeing our Korean classmates be introduced to sweet tea and barbecue for the first time!

*Whew* So much has happened. I really shouldn't put off these posts!

We also finished our first text book in Arabic class. I officially can read all of the letters. Not very well, or very quickly, but the fact is, I can! We had our final exam for the book today, which I did fine on. As an educator, I was not very pleased with the content of the exams, as it was not on things we had actually been taught (well, some of it, I mean,) which is just setting your students up for failure. So on the parts that we hadn't really been taught, I didn't do too well, but I am fine with that because I know it wasn't my fault!

And although I originally started this post 10 days ago, it somehow was abandoned and forgotten about.

I've been dealing with some "blogging stress," lately. I'm not really sure if I can explain it. I am super sensitive, and when I read other people's blogs about how they are feeling about things I become over aware about hurting their feelings and not wanting to make anyone feel bad. I try to avoid topics that could upset anyone and then I feel bad that I am not blogging about my life. So, my solution is to not blog. But clearly that isn't a good choice.

I've also been severely disappointed in how some of the blogging community has reacted to a certain famous blogger lately. It just breaks my heart that people have so much hate and bitterness in them.

I guess all of that has turned me off of blogs for the past couple of weeks.

All of that to say, I'm still struggling with it, but I know how uplifting and encouraging this community can be, so I'm looking forward to embracing and finding those posts that make me grow and learn, instead of doubt and feel insecure.

Oh yes, and Bazilla means Pea in Arabic.

It's my favorite word so far.

Second runner up is FlayFla, the word for bell pepper :)

I hope this finds everyone well and enjoying the beginning of their fall! Our temperatures are set to finally dip below 100 within the next month (yay!) and Ian and I are taking our FIRST EVER VACATION (well, it's only 2 nights, but that's longer than we've ever had before,) to Dubai this weekend. Yay!


Rachel and John said...

I'm sorry you've been feeling so down lateyl abut blogging. I sure miss your blog. Glad you had such a great day and i'm glad you got to see baby and that everything was fine.

chloƫ. said...

Aww that ultrasound must have been amazing! And I'm glad you're getting your Chili's fix. :] Hopefully blogging will be enjoyable for you once again sometime soon!

Natalie said...

sorry about your sensitivity to blogging! you have never offended me with anything you've said : ) so do you know if you're having a boy?? i noticed you said 'he' but i wasn't sure if you were just referring to baby as that : )

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

I missed your blog too!! Glad to catch up :) I hate that such a good thing like blogging can bring people stress, worry, etc. I can feel the same @ times. SO happy to hear all is well and that, that sweet baby of yours is growing! How exciting!! Bless you Brittany. Thanks again for all your advice/help :)

Lauren said...

can't wait to hear about dubai! You must must share the details when you get back!

We all have those blogging downer days...but we sure do miss hearing from you!

Jessica said...

Brittney, I am so glad you blogged today! I was honestly starting to get worried, and I've been really missing your posts!

Your blog is one of my favorites. I really hope you don't let whatever has happened turn you away from the blogging world.

Also, about the being sensitive and not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings thing, I don't think you should try to censor your blog because you think it might hurt people's feelings (am I interpreting what you wrote correctly?) I'll be honest and say that sometimes I am a little sensitive reading the blogs of people who are pregnant, simply because I can be a little jealous. (I'm human...that may be terrible, but I'm sure you know how I feel because you were in the same boat :-)). But then I just judge by the title, and don't read the posts that are all about pregnancy. But with my favorite blogs, I read them anyway because I am so interested in your lives (I'm not sure if that is what you were referring to or not at all, but I thought it kind of applied).

So basically all that to say, if people are offended or upset by something you write, they don't have to read it. It's your blog, so write about what you want :-) I know I would really miss reading about your life if you quit blogging. Please don't quit!!

It sounds like you guys have been up to some really exciting things...have fun on your vacation!!

Brittany said...

A) I love you and I am so glad you, Ian, and baby are doing well :) You called your baby "he" did you find out already?! did I miss something?!

B) Chili's sounds so good right now! Its so great that you still have som U.S experiences so you dont feel so overwhelmed!

C) We all have those moments with blogging! I feel overwhelmed or disapointed some times, but I really love everyone that reads my blog and those who I read! Its just and experience that I dont think I could live without now :)

Hope you are doing well.. and enjoy the "Fall temperatures" :))

Kelli said...

Life sounds exciting for you Britt! Enjoy every minute and don't stop blogging!

I don't appreciate white bbq sauce by the way. That is what they have up here and it just doesn't cut it!

I'm praying for you, all three, each day. I love you. Auntie K

Courtney said...

The most important phrase from this blog: "waved his arms above his head."
YOU'RE HAVING A BOY! I'm mean, I'm glad to know what bazilla means in Arabic, but really, you're having a boy!!! We definitely need to catch up soon!

Unknown said...

My sister went to Dubai last year and she loved it. I am sure your, your husband and bump enjoy it too :)

Thanks for the update and pleased to hear your settling in a lot more! :)

Emily said...

I am soooooooo happy you finally posted! Okay...I have zip right to say that considering I haven't updated my blog since Sophie's b-day, but really...you have a way more interesting life! Is the little sweet bazilla a boy? Don't tease us here...we are all dying to find out! Well you've had great training in boys with Carter and Zachary...two extremes...both normal and good and very loving, but Zachary requires eyes on the back of your head to keep him safe!
As far as blogging is concerned...stick to your voice and you'll be fine! If someone doesn't agree with you...then they can choose to read someone else! You have a vibrant and beautiful voice, Britt! Don't let others lousy behavior silence it! Especially right now...you want to write all the feelings and experiences of your pending parenthood. You will look back at them and be astonished at the journey and how quickly it all goes by! Love to you, Ian, and sweet baby Galloway from the Vargas Clan!