Friday, April 22, 2011

This & That

{warning: randomness to follow. be prepared}

*I never got a chance to blog about this, but the Friday before I went into labor, Ian surprised me with an overnight trip to the big city! It was a belated birthday gift (my birthday was in February,) but our Norwegian friend come to stay so he wasn't able to take me away until late March. Turns out, it was perfect timing since just one week later Grace arrived! We got in a little bit of a babymoon after all, I suppose. We ate at American restaurants, I got a manicure and pedicure, we tried to see a movie, but that failed, and we sunned up on the deck of the roof top pool. *Sigh...* It was perfect.

*Speaking of our Norwegian friend, he texted us from Egypt, which was his next stop after us. He's doing great and is loving his adventurous lifestyle.

*My maternity leave is almost up, just one more sweet week of at home time. I won't lie. I naively thought maternity leave would be much more relaxing, thinking my newborn babe would just be sleeping most of the time. Ha.

*My brother-in-law gets married tomorrow. It's very bittersweet for us since this is the first major family event that we will be missing. I'm sure there will be more and that's just sad. Our company has a "no returning to the States," for your first 1-2 years (depending on your supervisor,) policy, to discourage people from going through reverse culture shock or from even leaving the company due to homesickness when they return to the States. I totally understand, and we knew what we were getting into when we signed up, but it is still hard.

*Easter is in two days! We kind of keep forgetting about it because the commercial side of Easter is non existent over here, so there aren't visual reminders everywhere! We really only have one option for Easter morning, and that is a sunrise (uh...5:45 am?) service in the desert. We have a 3 week old, so, No thanks. I do want to go though, just so that we'll actually get to worship corporately on the day when our Savior rose!

*I watched 9 episodes of The Biggest Loser in 2 days. In case you are wondering, that is almost 16 hours worth of tv. I should be ashamed, but I am SO not.

*Ethical question: If a child, who you are not particularly endeared to, paints a pictures for your newborn baby and then her mom goes out and buys an actual frame for it, gives you said picture for your baby's nursery, is it wrong not to put it up permanently because 1) it doesn't match, and 2.) it's made by a 10 year old. Need I say more? So my question is, is it morally or ethically wrong or right to put the painting out on display only when this child visits?

Yeah... because I need an answer for this one.

*I'm almost all caught up on my Skype calls. YAY! It's taken forever to schedule calls with family and friends to show off Grace and rehash the whole birth story.

*We had an invasion of ants in our apartment- 2 different types actually. Ian spent the afternoon deep vacuuming and laying down ant killer powder around the edges of the room. Hopefully this will do the trick. I hate bugs in the house, not because I dislike bugs, but because it makes me feel dirty- like I'm living in squalor.


Emily Powell said...

I would just set it out when the friend is over. Just because someone makes you something doesn't mean you have use it.

Sonya said...

I wouldn't leave it out all the time. Why would someone think that you would want another child's artwork in your child's room. Interesting...

Courtney said...

I love it when you blog and I get to stay up to date with you. I agree with the 2 bloggers who already commented: Grace's nursery is adorable with the artwork you found and how you decorated. Keep it that way :) I love you, friend, and baby Grace! Happy early Easter!

Chelsea said...

* I am so sorry you have to miss Sid's wedding :( We just had to miss Brandon's and I am pretty sure I just cried the ENTIRE weekend. Praying hard for you. Living so far away from family is especially tough when you can't share joyous occasions.

*I think (in reference to the picture frame) you should say it didn't match your nursery and you put the hand drawn picture in Grace's baby book. That way you explain the frame but also let her know you appreciated/cherished the picture. It to ME would seem a bit fake to put it out just when the mom is over. Just be up front. She has got to understand not everyone has the same taste (or appreciation for her child's art..)

*I HATE ant invasions! When Jarred and I lived in Raleigh we had the worst ant infestation our exterminator had ever seen! It was an epic struggle of Jarred v. Ants... Hopefully the war has been stabilized at your house!

the journey of me and my beloved... said...

thanks! i've been following your blog... your little girl is beautiful!!! enjoy your last week at home!

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

I'm sorry about the wedding :-( We had to miss my baby brother's wedding b/c they married very shortly after we got here, and my husband just got back from attending his sister's wedding without me (no flying at this stage in the pregnancy). It's tough to miss major family events!

LeAnna said...

I agree with the baby book option! It can be a keepsake, viewed at your leisure. ;) Everyone likes to think their 10 year old is a budding prodigy, but eh...that's weird.

Happy Easter!