Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Ian and I have been home sick for a couple of days now, him with a sinus infection and horrible cough, and me, well, I believe the Dr said laryngitis, but sometimes language barriers make even a diagnosis misunderstood.

I get fever chills pretty badly when I'm sick, so bad, that I compared them to labor contractions, in that you know when they are coming on and you dread it! Anyone else regularly get horrible cases of the chills when they are sick?

So, as I'm sitting at home, exhausting my many technological avenues (joined Pinterest, read The Hunger Games on Pinterest, watched two episodes of Terra Nova,) I've been pondering doing a question and answer post.

Several of my bloggy friends are in the middle of question and answer series right now, and I was going to wait as to not rain on their parade (or steal their proverbial thunder,) but I figure being bed ridden for several days on end is justification for for going ahead with something I was putting off indefinitely.

SO....what are your questions?

Do you have a question about my story, family, and friends?

What about my marriage, pregnancy, or motherhood?

Or maybe about living overseas and all of the baggage that goes with it?

Likes, dislikes?

I've got loads of opinions on other things as well, so seemingly random questions are fine as well!

Can't wait see your questions!


Emily said...

Oh I have a ? for you! :) How did you feel when you moved away from your family and friends AND how did they handle it?

Justine said...

How did you guys discern that God was calling you to move overseas? What exactly are you guys doing while over there? How long will you be there? I can't imagine being so far from family. :( Especially having a baby overseas... You guys are courageous!

Natalie said...

I guess I have just always been confused about what you are doing overseas (maybe I missed a post about it somewhere?) I know you are taking classes-what for? Are you working towards a degree? Are you planning to always live there or come back to the states? Are you both students or do you work too? I guess just your life in general haha!

Tami said...

Sorry to hear that you guys have been sick! I hope you are feeling better and that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
My question is: How many kids do you guys want and how far apart do you want them?

Callie said...

Ah, Tami stole my question! I want to know that too. Hmm, let's see - what was the biggest adjustment you had to get used to when you moved over there (aside from being away from family and friends)? What is your favorite thing to do together (with Ian or Grace or both) when you aren't studying/in class?

Jessica said...

I love question and answer posts! My question is: what has surprised you the most about motherhood so far?

~Stephanie said...

I'm a new reader-- I found you through my friend Erika. I stayed up way to late reading way back on your blog but I couldn't figure out how you got the opportunity to move overseas and what exactly you will be doing. I do see that you are in language classes. Also, I was curious why you had to leave the country you are in (still unclear which country that actually is) to give birth to your daughter. Was it because of a lack of healthcare there?