Thursday, December 20, 2012

Deck the Halls

We put up our decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving. It was a day full of unpacking and troubleshooting, as we don't have very many places to display all of the decorations and ornaments that we have collected.

Also, we had no way to keep our tree upright.

But that was remedied by a quick (read, 4 hours later) trip to the hardware store and the purchase of an umbrella stand to hold up our tree.

Our stockings hang on our entertainment center- the two middle ones are for the girls, but I will be getting the classic red and white ones from Pottery Barn as soon as the sales begin... Oddly enough, Grace hasn't even touched these- I wonder if she's even noticed them!

I completely forgot to get a picture of a tree, so this is as good as it will get, a picture looking from our family room into our dining room. Our tree is GORGEOUS and if anyone is in the market for an artificial tree on a budget, I would suggest going to Target on Christmas Eve or the day after and seeing if you can purchase a display tree- like we did. It was a steal!

Our dining room table- my tablescape needs some work, but this year, I just worked with what I had on hand. It's a little too wide, as we are constantly shifting everything around to sit and eat at the table.

Our nativity set, from my parents, sits displayed in our entryway. Grace hasn't tried to touch it either, but it might be just out of her line of sight also.

 We had a ton of leftover Christmas knick-knacks, which I was able to display on a ledge in my kitchen over the sink. It makes for some festive viewing while I scrub the dishes!

 This smaller tree was our tree in our old house, and it has found its way into our front room. It was decorated in a wintery theme, snowflakes, silver and blue. It was so beautiful! We found out that some friends of ours were without a tree though, so we loaded it up and surprised them with a tree, lights and ornaments and all! It blessed me so much to see their five year old daughter surprised with a "real, green tree!" and even more so to hear that she had just prayed, out loud with her Mom for a tree this Christmas. It might be my favorite memory from this Christmas!


Lauren said...

how sweet of you to gift your friends with a tree! I'm sure the look on their faces was priceless!

Tami said...

Everything looks beautiful! And I understand how those "quick" trips go around here! :) I have tears in my eyes after reading the story about your smaller tree! How best that God worked through you to answer that little girl's prayers!!