Friday, May 24, 2013

This and That

We've just been chugging right along, getting things done and living life. I had my final exam for my language study- three years of studying Arabic down, probably another 5 more to go! It's heating up here in Abu Dhabi but it has been a really mild spring, so I am grateful that we are still able to be outside some.

Read This-
I just finished Sparkly Green Earrings and have started on The Fellowship of the Ring, my first time reading The Lord of the Rings!

Watched That-
Lately, we've been catching up on The Office and I like watching Castle or The Block (great Australian show!) We also got a chance to see Iron Man 3 in theaters two weeks ago and saw the new Star Trek movie.

Snapped This
 Happy girl, post bottle. We are almost done with breastfeeding and all on bottles. About a month earlier than I would have wanted, but she's happy and growing so that's all that counts.

First sister bath together. Sophia finally moved to the sitting up position instead of the reclining one and she will finally bathe without screaming! 

 L: Grace dressed in her bee costume for another Bee inspired party.
R: Baby Will, 3 months old. Sophia, 6 months old. Guess who is bigger?

 Sophia's first time riding in the big girl seat in the grocery cart. I had to keep my hand on her chest otherwise she would have fallen forward on corners and such.

Grace's pigtails. Love them but she still doesn't have hair on top, so pulling it tight like that makes the view from the front very odd.

 Sophia and her "deal" blanket. She sucks on her tongue and holds the blanket (rag really) close to her mouth as she falls asleep.

Love this sweet one of Sophia asleep in her car seat.

Cooked That-
An amazing banana pudding bundt cake. Amazing.

Bought This-

Oh yes, these are real and we are in love. The British toy store here has sold these little people in their Gulf inspired doll house for a year now, but you couldn't just buy the figurines separately. Apparently the execs finally heard my complaints and we snatched these babies up as soon as we saw they were released. Grace loves playing with her "oomie," "abooie," "bent," and "walid," (mommy, daddy, girl, and boy.)

Heard That-
Grace had the hiccups yesterday morning and she said "Momma, I'm barking!" haha She has also learned how to say "Hey, Babe," anytime Ian and I walk into a room. I didn't even realize we said that until she started copying it! Her speech is just exploding right now and it is so fun. She also will say "Don't touch, very hot," and tells us if something is loud or quiet.


Tami said...

Aww! I can't believe Sophia is riding in the front of the cart like a big girl!! She is getting more and more beautiful! Grace's little pigtails are precious and I sure wish I could give her a squeeze right now. Yay for completing your language exam. I know you did great! Miss you friend!

Emily Powell said...

Did switching to bottles help with her gas issues? Did she like the switch? Just filing info away in my brain for maybe future reference!