Saturday, August 17, 2013

House Tour

We've been in our new (temporary) house for a month now and really are loving it! Going from our gigantic house to a more normal and reasonably sized house has been a blessing. I just couldn't keep up with a huge house and six (yes, SIX!) bathrooms by myself.

The house we are living in is provided by a church we partner with and is clean and comfy. The girls feel right at home and Grace screams with joy every time we pull into "Gracie's house!"

When you come in the back door you have the family room which acts as a play room and office as well.

The kitchen is directly off of the family room, just one step up. I love the layout of the kitchen because I can see what is going on in the family room, living room, and dining room while I'm cooking.
There is also a little breakfast table off of the kitchen.

We don't really use the living room much but it has great views from the window and I love all of the natural light.

In theory, this little desk is where I have all of my stuff and where my computer is. Right now, It is just a dumping spot for the diaper bag and all of Grace's home learning stuff.

On the other side of the kitchen is the dining room, which was surprisingly hard to get a picture of. I blame that on the fact that my kit lens needs to be cleaned, and can't unzoom at the moment. (does anyone know how to get Canon lenses cleaned/repaired?)

Off of the living room is a long hallway (this shot is looking back at the living room,)

And off of that hallways is the (unused) front door and the (overused) laundry closet,

 the one and only bathroom, (I love bathrooms with counters! Oh, how I have missed you!)

The master bedroom,

and the  girls bedroom. Currently Grace is sleeping in her big girl bed with a pillow wall to keep her from falling off. Sophia sleeps in our Travel Pack N Play, which is nice, because I can wheel it into our room or the dining room if they are keeping each other up.

There is a basement, too. But let's be honest, I haven't even step foot in there. I'm a Florida girl. We don't do basements.

And that's it! Like I said, it's a temporary house that we are in until October but we already feel like it's a "home" for us!


Tami said...

It looks the like the perfect place for y'all! I don't blame you for avoiding the basement! I would star far away too!

PinkParty said...

Wow! What a great little house - hope you guys are enjoying your time with your family.. Much love

Emily Powell said...

I love the color of the kitchen walls!

Natalie said...

Looks like a wonderful temporary house! What a blessing you guys were able to score something like that!!

Emily said...

It looks great! Where are you living now? I thought it was FL until I read about the basement, ha. Then I thought-nope, not FL for sure! I need to know about repairs for Canon Lenses too-let me know if you find out any valuable info on that subject!