Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Zoo Time!

It's been a crazy month for us but if I can look back into the archives of things I've missed since we arrived in the States, one of the biggest things was a day trip out to the Nashville Zoo!

My parents took us to the zoo one Sunday afternoon. Though we have a little zoo in Abu Dhabi, this was Grace's first trip to an official zoo- you know, one that follows rules and regulations.

The Nashville Zoo is the most beautiful zoo I have ever been in. It has this gorgeous park like environment and there are flowers and trees every where!

While the grounds were impressive and the exhibits really well kept, there weren't a ton of animals. I imagine that another 10 to 15 animal exhibits would make it a little more of a half day adventure than just a 2 hour one.

My mom took Grace on the little train there and she was just overjoyed to take a ride!

My dad, Ian, Sophia, and I hung out on a bench for awhile.
And then we were rewarded with this ecstatic 2 year old!

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Courtney said...

I love all these pictures! Your mom looks so happy holding her grandbaby!