Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy New Year! 2022

 We ended the year with a bang- a 7 PM confirmation of me being COVID positive. I sat on the couch and cried for a good half an hour. Not because of the test result, I had already been feeling crummy for 3 days, but because New Year’s Eve wasn’t going to look like what I had hoped it would. If that isn’t the most Enneagram 1 thing I’ve ever said or what? I had all of the supplies to make a yummy spread of food, had bought a new board game and puzzle, Ian had a big championship game for his favorite college football team, and the kids had plans of snuggling on my bed and watching a movie. But I was too tired and too winded to make much of anything happen besides letting the kids watch their movie while Ian’s game was on in the family room. 

I recovered and enjoyed what we could of the evening. We attempted to teach the big kids CLUE for the first time, the girls and I made Puppy Chow- a favorite treat of mine and doesn’t chocolate and peanut butter make everyone feel better? Not Ian, apparently. He isn’t tempted at all by peanut butter things. We played a few rounds of MarioKart before flipping over and watching the ball drop. We jokingly all stood on our right foot so we could start the year out “on the right foot,” and it might just be a new tradition. 

As I shared on my Instagram- Let’s be honest, 2021 didn’t turn out like we thought it would with many good surprises (the baby!) and ending with one very bad surprise (COVID!) but we rest in knowing that Christ is still on His throne and that He works all things together for good. We walked into the New Year together as a family (alright, walked might not be the best word- viewed it from the couch as my non ill children danced around me,) and I am so thankful for each day that we get to live life together. I’m already looking forward to the adventures, good and unplanned that this year will bring our way!

Oh yeah, that hasn’t been shared on here yet… Baby Girl Galloway is making in arrival in less than 7 weeks, but more on the jaw dropping shock another day. Here’s to embracing change with open arms (while ugly sobbing through it all.) Happy New Year! 

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