Thursday, June 5, 2008

A First

Tomorrow, when I wake up, I will be moving away from home.

For the first time. EVER.

It's such a surreal feeling. I don't actually get to live in my new home until next week, after the wedding. Or rather, the week after, post-honeymoon.

My most wonderful friends will be helping me move up some things, but the main job for tomorrow will be painting the office and the master bedroom. Also, we hope to be painting the great room, but I have to remind myself to be realistic...that six girls can only do so much in one day.

Then, on Saturday, my family, Ian's brothers, and Ian, are driving up with the moving truck and all of our wedding gifts, to help unpack and change that little apartment into our home, with all the love and memories that are necessary.

I'll be back on Sunday to post pictures of our handy work and girl time...

until then

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