Monday, June 30, 2008

YOU try translating "Hash Brown" to a Norweigan

I have had a great couple of days with our house full and our days packed. Ian and I talked last night, and we really think that the gift of hospitality might be one of our gifts, and we just love hosting people in our house.

After Saturday night's rather strange turn of events, I went to bed early. We woke up early too, so I guess it's good that I got some sleep. We tried a new church here in town, but it ended up being a complete disaster. Besides taking our friend with us (which, you know, puts a little more pressure on the church you are visiting,) the music was horrible, the preaching only surface level, and the congregation seemed detached and unparticapatory. We will keep searching.....Please pray that we can find the new church home that we are looking for. We know no church is perfect, but we want a place where we can be challenged and also serve at. Our first church visit might just be that place.

Anyways, we came home and grabbed a sandwich lunch, then headed out to a UF owned lake. There we could rent kayaks, canoes, or paddleboats, go swimming, go on a ropes course, take wakeboarding or sailing lessons, or use their fields to play- All of this for free! As long as you have someone with you that has a UF ID. I'm really excited, because we love to do outdoors activities, but do not have the money to pay for some of them right now.

So we kayaked for about an hour, than swam and jumped from the dock, then headed over to the other side of the lake to play some frisbee golf (not my first pick, but I like to try!) but were stopped by those famous Florida afternoon storms.

We came back home, got showered and cleaned up, then I made a big taco dinner for everyone. Katie K, I used your wonderfully delicious nacho dip recipie, and it was a hit! Then, we headed out to give Svein a truly American experience, the movies! We saw Wall-E, which was so incredibly good, and a laugh out loud kind of movie. I would recommend it for any age group!

My big sister comes for a visit on Wednesday, and I am really excited for some girl time! Also, our dear family friends leave this week for China to adopt their new baby boy "Jack." Keep them in your prayers. ALSO my close friend Jenny has her Olympic trial this week for running. Hopefully we will see her on the tv screen very soon!


Marsha C said...

Oh my dear Brittney,
You have another gift too and that is blogging. You make me laugh and I sooo... need that. I love you!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahaha, clearly, I need a blog.

Angela said...

Brittney..... if ANYONE can translate "Hash Brown"..... it's YOU!!! LOLOLOL you have MANY GIFTS. :)

Emily said...

Gotta hand it to ya- you do pick strange challenges! You're a really funny nut! Thanks for the laugh!