Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Big sigh...

It's been a very tiring week so far. And it's only Wednesday.

I have been working and sleeping and working and sleeping. I think I am fighting off a cold due to the tight throat, achey ears (but not like an ear infection ache,) and dry eyes. Or it could just be those darn allergies. I suppose I should start taking my medicine then eh? But that would mean buying my non insurance covered Veramyst. Might as well chop off my arm and sell it on the black market. No, no, no, that won't work. I'll just have to rest, drink water, and take my other medicines.

I have been trying to put up some pictures on facebook from the wedding, but it may take awhile. An album a day is about the pace I have set for myself. I am really satisfied with our professional pictures, though I did think of like 10 poses I had wanted to get, but didn't. Eh, either way the pictures are beautiful and I will try to do a wedding memories post here soon, since I never really talked about it.

I have also had some interview this week. I had my final interview with the private school on Tuesday, and got an offer from them Tuesday night. Ian and I are still crunching numbers and seeing if we can make it work, but I'm guessing it won't, which kind of breaks my heart a little because I hate turning people down and these people have been so nice to me this whole time. I also had a public school interview on Tuesday, and though I thought I did a good job answering the questions and making an impression, I came away with a bad feeling about it. Mainly because the principal told me that the position I was interview for was about to be deleted from the system because they didn't have enough students. Fabulous.

So we'll just keep praying and looking, and I will fill out my substitute form and take my transcripts into the county office for submisison. Please pray that it will all just work out. And also, that Ian will at least get a call. 75 applications later and he hasn't even gotten a call from someone saying they are interested. Poor boy.

Plus, I have discovered something about myself that is a little disturbing.

Well, let's face it. I have always known it about myself, I just didn't see how it was a negative aspect until just recently.

I am a perfectionist.

Not so much in the everyday things of my life, but in the work/task oriented things. I guess since I have always worked with kids and succeeded with that, I have never had many times where I just flat out did something incorrectly. Sure, sometimes I wouldn't get the kids into bed at exactly 8 (right Mrs. Emily?) but I always did when it mattered (school nights and such.) Sure I might have put the dirty clothes in the wrong hamper, but I never got a lecture about it before! I am pretty sensitive of a person already, and being told that I am doing something wrong has always made me tear up a little, so you can imagine how hard it was to fight off the flood gates when I was told that I had to dig through the trash to find all of these papers that I threw away, that I shouldn't have. I was so embarressed.

Mortified actually.

But then my boss did it himself.

Maybe he's the perfectionist.

Scratch the above then. I just embarress easily. Yes, that's it. and have always known that about myself. So. In other words. Nothing new to report here!

Also, make sure to check out Bound to Books for an update on when we are starting our online book club and what we are reading. If you haven't joined in yet, you are still more than welcome to!


Marsha C said...

Make sure you take good care of yourself baby girl. I'm sure Ian doesn't want me coming over their to nurse you back to health. As far as being sensitive, that is also a good trait in you so the lesson is learning how to balance it. I know that you will do well in the work world becuase you are so consciences(sp) about what you do. Keep up the great work! Love ya,

Emily said...

Well, Britt, you can look at it as being a perfectionist, or you can see it for what it is- you are a very caring person! In this world, it's a rarity to find people like you, so don't apologize for it!! It's okay about the bedtimes- they're my kids and nine-tenths of the time I can't get them to bed on time!! It's hard when they out number and out wit you!!!
Get well soon! Hang in there!! You and Ian are always in our prayers!! God always has a plan, although it would be nice for us to know it sometimes! ....but not always...I wouldn't want to know that I would get hit by a bus or break my leg! Would you?!!
We love and miss you very much!!

Angela said...

You are a HARDWORKING TRUSTWORTHY RELIABLE PERFECT ;) girl. If your boss has any problems with anything else, have him call ME. ;) Man, I miss you!!! I love you!