Saturday, July 19, 2008

Creepy McCreeperson

I had a day full of weird people. Maybe "full," is a little strong, but let me tell you about it, and you can decide.

So Ian and I pull into the gas station to fill up, when we notice this homeless man. Now, there are alot of homeless people around the 75 on and off ramps here in Gaines-Vegas, but that wasn't the creepy part. The Creepy part, was the fact that behind his back he was holding an aluminum baseball bat, and kind of lurching around. As you can imagine, I was not happy about being left in the car while Ian "filled her up," but, eventually my fear that the strange hobo man was going to walk up and smash our windshield to smitheriens (sp?) proved incorrect, because he crossed the road to the best western. I figure he's gonna get a nice night's rest.

We went and saw Batman today. It was CrEEpy. I can NOT believe parents took their children in to see that. I am so glad that my parents protected me from PG-13 movies until I was ready to see them. I understand that some kids are ready a little earlier, but SERIOUSLY! This is not the time to take your 9 year old to the movie. Try HSM 3 in 3 months. But not this one! Seriously people.

Hmm. That was definately a rabbit trail. The point was, that the movie is very creepy. And shows true evil. and is going to give me nightmares for weeks. Maybe I wasn't ready to see that!

Tomorrow we have church in the morning, and then, in the afternoon, my first official shift at Borders. Now, during my training, I did learn that there are alot of blogging rules, so I may not be able to tell you alot about my job here. But I will refer to it in code.

I'll call it.... The bookstore. :)

Lol. Think that's code enough?


Emily said...

I have to laugh, Britt! I just saw the Batman movie last night and I was outraged that there were children viewing it! I rattled my disgust to Gus as we were walking out and there were parents trying to console one boy, who looked to be around 8 years old! Good heavens, I don't even think the rating is right- it should have been an R rating, not PG-13! In this day and age, with all the ways there are to review movies before getting there, there is no excuse for a parent to be caught unaware of what the content of a movie is!! There was plenty of reviews that stated this was a dark film and still parents took their kids into it as if it were the 1960's campy TV version! Even the 1980's version wasn't this creepy! What really disturbed me was that there were teens laughing...yes, laughing at some of the grimmest parts! I thought it was a long dark nightmare! Like you, I will have trouble sleeping for weeks! I went because Gus is a fan of comic book movies and my mom was in town, so I wanted him to see what he wanted to see. I should have stuck with Mama Mia, which was what we intended to see, but the show we could get to started late for me. Had I known this would be a 3 hour nightmare anyway, I would have done the late show of Mama Mia!.....
Any news on the teaching front? We are praying for both of you! Have a wonderful weekend and try to get over the creep out!

Angela said...

Can't wait to hear tales of the "bookstore"! :) You couldn't pay me to see Batman......just not my kind of movie, lol. Sorry it stunk though! As always, you are MISSED. xoxoxo

Marsha C said...

Well, you convinced me. I'm not going to see Batman. I had my doubts due to some things that I had heard but now you confirmed my conerns. Thanks for saving me the money. Can't wait to see you Wed. Have a great week! Love ya,