Monday, July 14, 2008

A Ho-Hum Day

Remember how I posted last night, saying how exhausted I was? Well, I did. And then I went to bed. But not much sleep came. I kept waking up all night long, and then, around 3:30, Ian's phone rang. He didn't wake up, so I was like:

B-"Ian. Your phone. "
I- "Hmm?"
B- "Your phone just rang!"

It turned out to be his voicemail alerting him to the fact that it was deleting some old messages.


So we tried to get more sleep. And when I say we, I mean, he slept perfectly fine, but I did not.

All of that to say, I started my day feeling pretty groggy. There wasn't much of substance to my day, since I couldn't really focus on my "learning," so I ended up doing house work and stuff for the morning/afternoon until Ian got back from school.

Have I ever told you about my ironing? I don't think I have. You must first know, to my mother's horror, that I, and my sister, both iron backwards. I don't really know how it's backwards, something about the how we face the pointy side of the board the wrong way, but, in the long run, it's always worked for me.

Anyways, in the new house, we are poor. Hahaha. Right. Which means we have no ironing board. I didn't think this would be a big obstacle because I have seen other ironing techniques from my friends.

Please picture this: the top of the washing machine, cleared off, except for a folded white towel, and the plugged in iron. You see, you can't go straight onto the top of the washing machine due to some kind of "heat distribution," problem. So I use a towel.

Sounds good right?


About one sleeve into my ironing, the towel begins to slowly slip off of the machine, taking the shirt with it, making me reach in desperation to keep the towel/shirt off of the floor with my knee, because my hands are otherwise occupied with the iron, and pulling up the towel from above.

I figured out a pretty good system though. It just includes alot of pausing and readjusting. Took me about an hour to do 6 of Ian's dress shirts, which was just ridiculous.

Hmm. I can't wait to have an ironing board.

Otherwise, the day has just kind of crept by. I am exhausted and about ready to hit the hay.

Please be in prayer for my two o'clock interview with Borders on Tuesday. It's no teaching job, but it is something to help us out until I get some call backs. Plus, I wouldn't mind having a seasonal job available for when I am not teaching around Christmas/Summer.

Love you all!


Marsha C said...

O.K., I admit it,I failed miserably as your mother. I should have corrected your horrifying ironing disorder, but I didn't. I think to compensate, I will buy you a real ironing board so you don't melt the porcelin off of the washer. I love you Baby Bear!!!!

Emily said...

Um... Britt?..... I'm impressed that you iron at all, but how the heck does one iron backwards? I've got to see this! Get Ian to video you ironing, because now I'm curious as to how one can do that! Now I'm worrying because I've always been ironing impaired. The first big fight Gus and I had after we got married was over ironing and my unwillingness to do it, because I'm disastrous at it! I burned 2 of his shirts- on accident, I swear- because I'm too easily distracted to iron properly! No, I don't have ADHD, I just worried that our curious cat, Shasta, was going to burn the apartment down by jumping up on the board and playing with the iron cord! In my effort to protect him from doing both, I burnt the shirts! I replaced both shirts, but I now have his shirts done because I'm still ironing impaired, and instead of Shasta trying to burn down the house... I have Zachary and Whitney! The irony, no pun intended, is that my mother is an ironing queen! Whether it moves or not, my mom can not stand to see a wrinkle on anything! I guess it skipped a generation! Thanks for the laugh, Britt! You are loved more than you know!!

Anonymous said...

i'll be praying for you :o)

Angela said...

How did I miss this last night? So you had an interview today? How'd it go? BORDERS! LOVE IT! I can't put into words how much I love the smell of a bookstore.....but even better than THAT.......a bookstore that sells COFFEE!!!! YAY! Prayers for your job search, oh and I thought I taught you SOMETHING over the years? If it needs ironing, don't buy it.