Thursday, August 7, 2008

Great Scot!

I have an ironing board!

I am very very ecstatic. I can forever retire my "towel on the dryer," or my better yet "towel on the counter," technique that I have all but perfected over the last month.

Oh. By the way. Men's dress shirts are a pain to iron. I love how they look, just hate the work they take to prepare. Maybe a dry cleaner in the future? Who knows. For now I will just have to work on my mad skills.

Oh. Right. The ironing board. So Rebecca Smith came over today for a little bit. She was in town interviewing for a job at The Loft and for The Limited ( I KNOW I would have a spending problem if I worked there!) She dropped by to drop off our wedding present (a painted canvas with a picture of Ian and I,) and a "just because I feel bad for you" present, (the ironing board!)

So, Thanks, Rebecca!

Ian had two interviews this week, and one for sure on Monday. Please be in prayer that something will come through for him

As for me, I have the lucky privilege of meeting ALOT of people from schools and the district office when I am working at "the bookstore." They come through and pull out their teacher discount card, and I make sure to strike up a conversation with them about where they work and how I am looking to get started in Alachua County teaching. Please pray that over the next two weeks we will hear something back.

Tomorrow is a Ladies night, at our church, and I am really excited to get to go. I will be bringing my quilt that I have been working on.

Did I not tell you that I am working on a quilt? Huh. Well I am. Without any help or pictures or experience. I bet you can hardly wait to hear about how those "head conversations," went done.

I will try to post pictures and the story of the quilt, on Saturday.

Keep updating people, so I know what is going on your lives! I miss you all!

Oh. and.....

I hope you had a wonderfully amazing day!


Emily said...

Thanks, Britt! I had a nice day, mostly filled with taxing children to all their destinations! I'm so glad you finally got an ironing board- I was a little worried you were going to burn yourself or take the finish off of the washing machine doing the old method! Yes, men's dress shirts are a pain! I send Gus' out because I frankly don't have the time, patience, or ability to not iron in another wrinkle where I was trying to get one out!! They drive me nuts and so for the sake of peace, to the cleaners the shirts go! If you ever figure out the secret to it, let me know! My mom is a wiz at ironing, but I guess it skipped a generation here!
We all love and miss you and always have you in our prayers!

Love is the Movement said...

It was not a "feel bad for you" present.
I wanted to get you a trashcan, but your sister jumped on that super quick, so I had to go back a little in time to remember what else you had recently said you didnt have.
So it was a "make Brittney feel good" present!

Marsha C said...

WhooHoo!!!! You got an ironing board! I was thinking about you this morning when I was Ironing. Yeah for Rebecca!!

We will continue to pray for you and Ian on the job search. It will be a very lucky company who get's either one of you.

I can't wait to hear about your adventures with quilting. Maybe you can come help me finish mine. Grandma would love to see your progress.
Have a great day and we will see you soon.
Love ya,

Kelli said...

Your mother's ironing board and I got nicely acquainted when I was there for your wedding. I think we bonded, in fact, over reception tablecloths and Emma. Has the ironing board asked about me, Marsha?