Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A little like Phoebe...

It has still been a whirlwind of the past couple of days, and I feel like I have so much to tell you and get you caught up on!

First of all, Ian got a job! What an answer to our prayers! He will be working as an assistant in an opticians office doing clerical work and some community outreach type of work. AND the hours are really flexible! The office is in this old OLD house (1899) in downtown Gainesville and I can not wait to take some pictures of it!

Second of all, my dearest friend, Courtney, Got Engaged! I received the phone call at 3:30 in the morning on Tuesday and was very disoriented, but joyful for her news, and called her back during the day to apologize for being out of it. Luckily, Courtney is wonderful and understood! As soon as she blogs the story, I will link it here. Until then, here is a preview...It involved a meteor shower and a glass slipper!!

As for me, I have kept pretty busy with work and errands around here. Ian and I both got our new licenses (why are DMV's always so sketchy?) and registered to vote here, and then went and set up our bank account...together! Finally we can have "all of our money," (please picture me rolling my eyes,) in one place!

Work has been intersting too. I have had some, um, diverse people come through my humble check out line.

First there was the guy with the ID:

Me: Okay, that will be 20.32 (he hands me a card, with no signature,)
And Can I see some ID please?
(This is the part where he puts down a Spongebob Square Pants sticker,)
Him: Can you see the resemblance?
Me: blank mouth....
Him: I have changed a little over the past 10 years I guess, beefed up a little wouldn't ya say?
Me: Um. Yeah. Can I see your real ID please?

Then there was the man child who came through my line to buy a CD that was "parental advisory," and since he looked like he was MAYBE 15, I asked to see his ID. How shocked was I when I found out he was born in 1983!!

Then, the monumental customer.... The first one to make me cry. It was first thing on Tuesday morning, I had opened the doors, rolled out the carts, turned on the registers, when the wicked witch of the west (or is it east? I can never remember,) came rolling through. She made her purchases with a sufficient amount of pleasantries then when I asked for her Rewards card, she didn't have it on her. No big deal. I could look her up in our system. I confirmed that it was her, and that was where the problem started..

Lady: My name is spelled wrong. Please fix it.
Me: Well, I have no access to those files, but I can give you a form showing you how to change it.
Lady: I don't understand why I have to spend MY time fixing YOUR mistake.
Me: I'm sorry. Would you like the form though?
Lady: NO! I don't have time to fix it. You made the mistake. You should fix it!
Me: (highly annoyed at this lady's ignorance,) ACTUALLY. We never enter your name. When we register your card, we register it by email or phone number. No name. For it to have your name in the system means you went in and entered it yourself.

BAM. I am so good. Take that lady.

Lady: (sputtering,) Fine. Here is my credit card.
Me: (I check the back of her card, and it is signed, which means I do NOT ask for ID. I run the card, and since the purchase was less than 25, there is no receipt to sign. I put the receipt in the bag along with her purchases and say,) Have a nice day!
Lady: You didn't check my ID
Me: No...
Lady: HOW DID YOU KNOW THIS WAS ME? (actually yelling at this point,)
Me: You signed your card, which, company policy says I do not check your ID, (also, I am thinking, you made a big fuss over your name spelling and the *correct* spelling was on the front of your card! but, resigned to make the customer right, I do not rant.)
Lady: You didn't ask me to sign a receipt!
Me: Yes ma'am, your purchase was less than 25 which means there is no receipt to sign.

Okay, well this goes on for quite awhile, until this old granny of a lady comes up behind and says

Granny: Lady! What's your problem? If you have something to say,talk to a supervisor. Otherwise move on!

Lady still wants me to give her ANY type of paper to sign so she can prove it is, indeed, her. But she walks on, and I duck behind the counter and wipe away the few tears that have sprung up. Luckily Granny waits on me.

The End.

Also. Our alarm keeps beeping. Kind of like it does in the FRIENDS episode where Phoebe hears a noise and it is her fire alarm, so she takes it apart but it keeps beeping. Yeah. That's me. Every 30 seconds the alarm "chirps" because of some malfunction, and I followed the manual correctly but it keeps "chirping." That's just a fancy word by the alarm company to say "loud annoying squawking that wakes you up in the middle of the night."

As Phoebe would say "Hey Mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, Hey Mickey! Hey Mickey!"


Love is the Movement said...

I love the people who heap all the blame on the poor cashier/employee when it actually turns out that the problem they're complaining about happened like at another store or something like that.
It always makes me very frustrated, and makes me want to just hold up a hand and go "Are you even listening to yourself?"

Phew, that was my little mini-rant on your behalf.

Also, we missed you at girls night this evening, but I hope you enjoy the time you get with Katie, Jessica, and Courtney tomorrow!

Emily said...

Oh Brittney! I wish I had been there with that nasty woman! I would've eaten her alive for breakfast, if I had witnessed that! Thank God that He sent you an angel in the Granny! I do believe God always sends someone when we are in distress. Hopefully the Borders job won't be forever and you'll finally get to do what you with out a doubt meant to do- teach! I will say this- I did retail work when I was in college and you get the same weirdos in any store. I always felt like I was a weirdo magnet! It is a learning experience for you in dealing with difficult people. If you think they're weird, wait until you see what God allowed to procreate when you're teaching! It can be both sad and scary. At least when you're doing what you love, you won't mind it as much! You handled it well! I think I would've lost my job and given the witch an earful! That's what I love about you- you just ooze Jesus! I hope I do that someday!

Kaylyn said...

A. I am still in shock that people treat other people the way that lady did!! So ridiculious!!!
B. I LOVE that episode of Friends!
C. I think I am a bit like Pheobe sometimes too!

Hope your day is better at work today!

Angela said...

IAN GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAY Britt!!! That's the job I was so hoping he would get!!! Tell him congratulations!!!! :) Love you bunches!!! :)

Rachel said...

How horrible of that lady! WHere do you work?