Monday, August 4, 2008

Play nice now...

As the sun sets on another summer day, I flop into bed at an unusually early time. Again. It's only 8 but I am in bed, ready to sleep, but deciding to keep myself up another two to three hours so that I will sleep soundly. I guess I can take the time to catch up on what has been going around here.

We ended last week with work and that was about it. On Friday night, I got to work the book release party, for Stephanie Meyer's Breaking Dawn. Now, this isn't really a grown up person book, though some are beginning to read the series, so please imagine the crowd I was working with. About 100 14-17 year old girls, many dressed up in "goth," clothing to commemorate the vampire/werewolf characters in the book. I am sure you can imagine the conversations that followed.

Me- hi, did you find everything all right?
teeny bopper in a sports bra- Mmmmm Ji ave a lahooon?
Me- Um.. What?
Teeny Bopper in a sports bra- Ji ave a lahooon?
Me- Um. Can you please take out your fangs and try again?
(Turns out she wanted to know where the bathroom was)

Then there was that strange older man who came in with his Yarmulke (yes, that's how you spell Jewish hat,) and a fist full of cherries. He also had another fist full of cherry pits that he was spitting into.

Please imagine my horror!

And I had to mask it. Sheesh. I am quite the face maker and I love to make scenario appropriate faces.

Also. Ian's a sheet stealer.

Now I know this has nothing to do with the bookstore, but I am kind of done with that topic and I think this is the next most important thing on my mind.

He tells me just to punch him in the kidneys when he steals them, but....I am not totally convinced that would do anything but injure my own hand.

Also. I don't know how to punch.

I should take lessons or something.

Saturday was fun. Ian, Sam, and I headed out REALLY early to go tubing down the Itchetucknee River. It was very gloomy out (which is kind of the status quo with Gainesville in general, but I'll save that whining for another day.) But we ended up having a great time anyways.

Sunday we started going to a new Sunday School class. Our old class was too large for the room, so they started a new one at 8:15. We decided to attend it because we wanted a super small group for discussion, and so we could possibly teach a college or high school class at the 11 o clock hour.

After church, we had our friends Sam, James, Ben, and Amanda, over for a big Sunday lunch. Turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing, and gravy were on the menu, and, we ate it, of course, on the floor.

And Amanda loved my trash can, AKA, the publix bag under our sink. Sigh, maybe next pay check.

I closed last night and opened all day today. Which was actually alot of fun, because I got to take part in this AMAZING opportunity. I am not sure if they are doing it at "the bookstore," where you live, but in Gainesville, we picked a charity, called Peaceful Paths, which is a shelter for abused women and shelter, and are taking donations of new books for the shelter. So we have stacks of cheap childrens books by the register, and brochures for what the shelter does. It amazes me how generous people are here. I sold over 45 book today alone!

It also makes think about how so often, when I go past charities, I think, "there is no way I can give 3 dollars up," but today I thought about how much joy that three dollars that is going to bring a child, and how I would probably just spend it on cookie dough anyways.

Also, if you are ever asked to give to charities, please don't make disgusted faces. It's not very nice. Nor is it nice to explain in detail why you don't want to give. Just say, "no thanks, but thank you f0r offering."

Also. Don't lie and say "maybe next time."

It's just not nice.


Love is the Movement said...

Many things to say here:

#1, dont knock Gainesville weather! It rains every day in Oviedo too. Just wait 2 more weeks, when there are hordes of college kids you wont even be able to see the weather over all of them.
#2, speaking of college kids, the other day my mom asked if I had told you that the landscape of Gainesville was going to change severely once people started moving back to town and I was tickled at that for some reason.
#3, Robyn attended the opening party here at our bookstore for that book, but I think she forgot her fangs...
#4, your bookstore is very nice with the charities, last year when I was getting a Latin book there I stopped at a booth set up right outside the door where they were selling little items for I think battered women. It was very encouraging to hear that in this age of marketing and image that some national chains will still bend enough to allow things like this to either happen in their stores or on their premises.

And finally, #5, I have something for you! It was supposed to be a wedding present, but I just never saw you at a good time to give it to you. I was wondering if you were going to be around your apartment, or at your job on Thursday. Because I dont particularly want to deal with mailing it if I'm going to be in Gainesville anyways.

Marsha C said...

Oh Brittney, I so love reading your blogs. I've decided that book stores are one of my favorite stores. That and shoe stores. You can never have enough books or shoes.
I think you and Ian would make great Sunday School teachers. I'm afraid your class would probably be overflowing too though.
A sheet stealer!! Just push him onto the floor. Trust me, punching just doesn't work. I've tried it. :o)
Have a wonderful day and I can't wait to see you Sat. Love ya,

Emily said...

Britt, you are HILARIOUS!! The bookstore description was a hoot!! As for the fans in Goth- they must not have read the book closely- no one dresses Goth, actually the vampires are kind of fashion forward! Fun series, I read the whole thing this summer and Breaking Dawn in 2 1/2 days! Now I've gotta get back to Persuasion! That's a more thoughtful book, so I want to savor it! A lot is said in one sentence by Jane Austen and I don't want it to float by me!
Another important thing to know, not to hit your hubby, but for self defense purposes- Never, when you throw a punch, put your thumb on the inside of your hand! It will break it if you do!!! As for getting the sheets back from Ian- I find a poke in the ribs with a finger works to move Gus. It's just irritating enough to move him but not wake him! You have to hit a rib bone- just flesh doesn't move him! Hope that helps!
We love and miss you bunches!!

Anonymous said...

Would you please send me a link for the type of garbage can you want so I can send it to you???? :o) Consider it a late wedding present.

Angela said...

See Brittney! I didn't lie to you all these years..... you get married, get a job, you're in bed by 8!!!!!! Just wait til you have kids!! Then you'll be ready by 7!!! LOL! It sounds like the bookstore is a lot of fun! Courtney LOVED the Twilight series. Have you read it? It's not your "typical" vampire-ish material, I bet you'd like it. Wish you were here........xoxoxo

Kaylyn said...

loved this post! I can totally imagine the goth kids...I know a few who are obsessed with the books!