Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Strange Man

Today, I got called a communist.
Technically, I got called a hippy communist book seller.

I didn't know what to do with this information.

And all because we didn't carry Barron's (sp?) magazine.

Also, I was told it would be MY fault that he didn't make a million off of stocks today.

He actually shook his fist at me.

Then, I was frightened.

But, I found out I wasn't alone. Apparently he had just called our media stock girl a communist. Our boss was not happy to hear that she employed commies. Apparently it's bad for public relations. I told her I'd look into joining the democratic party. Then we all laughed. Alot.

I guess they know me more than I thought.

I am NOT a commie. OR a hippie.

But I am a bookseller.

Also, I have rediscovered the joy of my Ninth Hour CD. This was a little band that led the music at my 8th and 9th grade camp. I bought the cd when I was 13! They were almost a brand new item then. Weird. Oh, Right. Ninth Hour. They are so so SO great! Kind of like a folksy (lots of strange banjo like music,) and really great lyrics. I have no idea if they are even still a band or if you can buy any of their stuff. I also fell asleep listening to this cd for probably 3 out of my 4 high school years. So peaceful.

Actually I found one cd on amazon. ONE.

Also, apparently there is a satanic band called Ninth Hour. Don't buy their stuff. It's bad.

I did remember, while searching for The Awake and Dreaming CD on Amazon, that the band broke up a couple of years ago and now the main singer still records and performs. Joey Everett. Not as good as when the band was together. I'm going to leave you with lyrics from one of my favorite song.

When the tides of life crash upon the shoreline
When they wash away your castles built of sand
When you're drowning, out in the open ocean,
Won't you take his hand?

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