Monday, September 29, 2008

Taking up the Challenge

In one of the blogs I read, she challeged her readers to pick up their camera and document a week in your life. She also wanted people to scrapbook all of those pictures, but, um, I'm not taking that part of the challenge. Just part one.

So today, starting around 9, I read the blog, and picked up my camera. There may not be alot of typing oing on here (other than captions,) this week, but there sure will be alot of pictures! Want to join me in this challenge?
First thing in the morning, I stumble into the office and check email/news/blogs....
I then got my breakfast around, a newly remembered favorite- just sweet enough but I still feel like it's healthy-ish.
I sit down in front of our TV to watch something mindless (we don't have a table yet,)....
But, alas, there was nothing on, so I take my cereal and go to our room, where my old tv (with the dvd player,) holds a Gilmore Girl disc that I am watching.
Oh boy. Should I or shouldn't I bother washing my hair/ putting in my contacts? Nah, no hair washing. But contacts are definately a must.
My drawer of morning necessities may not look very organized, but, it's the only place in the house that looks like this. Besides.. what am I supposed to do? Have a dozen different baggies full of things?
Here begins the story that all of you married people will laugh and say "i've been there too." It all started when I started on Ian's birthday cake. Mixed the batter and realized I didn't have any round cake pans- except for my ones for cake decorating- but I've only used those a couple oftimes so I am not very used to them. Poured the batter in to two different sizes, put one pan in and then the other one, but it got stuck on the grating and FLIPPED into my oven door.
I think Ian thought I was going to have a heart attack. Not only was it in the hinges of my oven door and dripping down into my pan drawer, but the stuff on the door was beginning to BAKE from the heat of the oven (despite it being turned off.)
Luckily, I thought it was pretty funny, but it was definately that moment where "I just wanted to make him something special but it got ruined!"
It took me awhile to get it all out.
Then I had to whip out another cake mix. Thank goodness for BOGO.
Ian watching Rambo and checking his news sites.
Me joining him for a few minutes and asking a million questions about why a vietnam vet is running from the law in US soil and hurting cops. I just don't get it.
PJ's in the kitchen. Still working on the cake. I need more frosting. It wasn't BOGO. I'll pick that up tomorrow.
Fall candles to make our home look homey. As soon as possible I'm getting a fall wreath for the door. I've got my eye on you Target fall wreath. Just you watch.


Marsha C said...

Oh my, I can't tell you how much your blog made me smile. I have done the same thing in the oven myself. But I must confess, I probably didn't laugh. You are a much better person then I was. Just think what a great memory that will be of Ian's first married BD. It kind of reminds me of the love note Dad ate when we first got married. I too was just trying to do something nice. Have a wonderful day. Love ya,

Kelli said...

well, now, that was fun! i especially like the shot of your feet in the kitchen. happy birthday to ian!!

Kaylyn said...

Fun! I love my target fall wreath! :)

emily said...

Happy Birthday to Ian!! I felt so much better when I saw what you did with the cake in the oven! Not that I was happy for your frustrating moment, it's just that I had just had my own baking disaster making Zachy's b-day cupcakes! I tried some flavoring and used too much, which caused my cupcakes to be flat! Finally I pulled it together at least for his preschool party! I finished and iced the batch for his home party just 15 minutes before the party started! I live for working under pressure!!LOL! I'm cracking up at your pics of your day! No way in God's earth would I take a self portrait of me in pj's! You being a cute, young whippersnapper can get away with it!!
The Vargas Clan send their love!!