Friday, October 10, 2008


I spent my evening hanging out with my husband. We watched an unnamed, totally not dorky television show, had a delicious dinner, and then began my fun.

Cleaning....with Christmas music. I don't know what it is about the music, but it just seems to urge me on. I guess because I associate the music with the Christmas season, preparing fot our celebrations, and all of the busyness that comes with it. I just clean so well with it on.

Wish I would have taken a "before and after" shot of the apartment. For now, it looks sparkley and clean.

On the forecast tomorrow...staying out of the way of the crazy UF and LSU fans. Tennis. Baked apples. Reading The Great Gatsby. Pancake dinner. Working on my annual Christmas ornaments/dreaming up Christmas cards. Watching Persuasions, the movie. Getting our rings cleaned and checked out. Evening walk. Florida game.

Oh, and of course the Georgia game.
Sounds good to me.


Marsha C said...

It sounds like a wonderful day to me. I love Christmas music too. I think maybe I will try that myself. Merry Christmas!!!

Emily said...

Cleaning to Christmas music? Really? Hey- whatever gets the job done!! Have I mentioned that your blog makes me smile! I hope you had a wonderful predictable day! The Vargas Clan sends their love! Lord have mercy- I still have to catch up on reading!