Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Ian's Birthday! My sweet husband turned 22! And I decided that this was going to be a really good birthday. You see, we've never EVER gotten to celebrate birthdays together. He was always away at school, or unable to come home, or out in the desert riding camels, so it made celebrating a little difficult (and trust me. Video conferencing for you 20th does not make it "special" at all. not one single bit. Memorable, yes. Special, no.) So here was how Ian's birthday went down:

Maple Sausage + cheese + egg + whole wheat biscuit = amazing.
Read the clock.
6:15= not amazing

But you first must understand the conversation behind it.
Britt- Ian, guess what? I read in a cook book, at work today, about this breakfast food. RR took turkey sausage and squished it into a patty, then added cheese and egg on a english muffin! She called it a breakfast burger! Isn't that a great idea?!
Ian- Um. You mean like a Sausage mcmuffin?
Brit- (dawning realization of the connection between the two) OOOooooooh. right.

He approves. :)
All done with work for the day. Heading out to dinner and a movie. Carrabbas and to see Eagle Eye. Both were great.
We used our wedding photographer's secret of having the groom squat down in order to get him to look more relaxed and not so cheesey. It worked I think!

Talking politics and ignorance on our drive to dinner. And during dinner. And on our drive to the movie. It WAS his birthday afterall, right?

Opening his fedex mailer from mom and dad.... he got scrabble! We love that game.

His loot from me. Here's a good holiday hint. Do alot of shopping at the "bookstore." You can find alot of great things there for everyone AND they gift wrap for free.

His loot. Some of the shirts need to be returned, but everything else was great! Crazy shirt sizes. I bout him 5 shirts all from O N and in the same size (m) and style (fitted,) but only 3 of them fit. Crazy.
This was the birthday banner that I was going to string together for him during my lunch break. Only, I got a call from the county saying I was approved as a substitute and had only 24 hours to get in to get my drug test. Which meant my lunch break was the only opportunity. So here lays the banner. Oh well. We'll use it next year. It's pretty don't you think?

Also, we're trying to start traditions so our first real one that we decided on is this : Tonight, after all of the festivities were over, Ian crawled into bed and I dug out our unity candle from the wedding. I lit it and took it to him, he held it as I snuggled in next to him, and I prayed for him and the coming year. We plan on doing this for each other on birthdays and we'll both do it on our anniversary. I think it's a great way to stay 'united' and to remember that the candle wasn't just a one time thing, it represented a lifetime of unity.


emily said...

OOOOOOOO- Ian got the John Adams DVD!!! That is a really good miniseries and the book it's based on is great! Brittney, y'all just look so darned cute together!! It looked like a fun day for you!

Angela said...

It looks like you made Ian's birthday PERFECT!!! I'm so happy for the two of you! I love and miss you!!