Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Weekend Was a blur and...

Someone threw a book at me today.

Also, I heard the funniest "joke" in the checkout line. Of course, lots of people try to crack jokes about not needing a bag in order to "save the plastic trees."

Hardy Har Har
But tonight, the joke was actually funny. Kind of. I was taking this guy's email down for his rewards card, and he said joeschmoe @ then his friend said "don't you mean hot male .com?"

I thought it was pretty clever

Below are some pictures from my weekend. Some MIGHT be from when I was driving, but who knows. A few are from when I got to meet my new "cousin" Jack. Also, I got to see my lovely friends for Rachel's surprise birthday party. And we had fun. Lots of fun.

And then I had to come home.


Anonymous said...

Jack! I'm so jealous :o(

steve said...

Hey, isn't that Ian's happy birthday banner?