Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dear Momma,

Dear Momma,

I have to tell you something. You were right. Camping last night was probably not the best idea. But, probably not only for the reason you thought.

It all started when I spent my entire day off getting things ready for our "trial run" camping trip. We weren't really planning on going camping for fun, really. We were going in order to test out all of fun camping equipment and to let Ian have his first real camping trip before going camping with other people.

Right. So, after an ENTIRE day of errand running and cleaning and packing, Ian came home from work with his lunch still in its bag, saying his stomach was a little off. Well, I didn't think it was a big deal, so off we went, getting to the park about an hour before sunset, and we did have a rush of tent construction and fire building, before 6:30 when we roasted hot dogs for dinner. Then, my lovely husband, crawled into bed. At 6:30!!!!! I read next to him for awhile then went out and made me some s'mores, before going to bed myself at 8:30.

Man, was that floor hard. Man, was it cold out.

Despite my four shirts, two pairs of pants, socks, and my hoodie, I was frozen, and tossed and turned with restless sleep until about 2:30, when Ian finally admitted outloud he was having horrible sleep.

So, naturally, we crawled in the car. Me "sprawled" out on the backseat, and Ian in the front seat reclining.

Hey, at least we weren't cold!

Only, I woke in the morning to an incredibly stiff neck and an outlook of rain.

We ate breakfast, packed everything up and came home.

Now, more than 12 hours later, my neck is not only sore, but swollen and discolored, and Mom, I have to admit, you were right.

We were too cold.

And. That has to be the worst camping trip of my life.

But, as we lay in the tent last night, me sobbing over the failure of the trip, at least we eventually had a sense of humor over it, laughing because at least we would have a good story to tell, right?


Kelli said...

A classic memory!

I hope you will have better camping trips in the future.

At least there was no bear or rabid racoon. :)

Emily said...

Okay- you didn't hear this from me, especially since I am a former Girl Scout leader- I only like " luxury camping". In other words- indoor plumbing, electricity, and preferably a cabin is involved! The tent may not have been so bad if you had an air matress and portable heater! Thankfully, no snakes tried to use either of you as a bed warmer!! Hope you're both feeling better!
I agree with your friend, Kelli! That will be a classic memory that you will laugh at and tell your kids about!! Just as soon as you're not sick or in pain!!

Denise said...

We kind of had a trip like that, minus the sick stomach. Luckily for us, we were only 8 miles from home. Uncle Steve crept out of the tent at about 2:30 am. I was so mad! I couldn't believe he was leaving us!! But, alas, he returned shortley with every blanket we owned and everyone was toasty (well, except U. Steve). We love you guys and wish you many, many happy camping experiences!