Monday, December 29, 2008

Day off ...

I had great plans of finishing ALL of our laundry today and getting the house cleaned up for our week of off time and visitors.

But the evil Twitter had other plans. Let me explain.

All last night I was receiving text updates from Twitter, even some this morning. Then, magically, they just stopped! And people WERE updating because I checked online. So, somehow, the great folks at the online company have some sort of Bug up their sleeve. I spent a good 2-3 hours messing around with it. Usually I wouldn't really mind. I got it so that I could update my own blog, not read other people's sentiments.

However. Today, one of the blogs I read's little boy son become even more drastically ill and I was on the edge of my seat waiting to hear how he was doing. Then, when I came to find out I wasn't getting the updates like I signed up for, I sat at the computer checking back in to see any news.

It was not a fun day.

I don't deal well with being frustrated. At all. In fact, it's probably my biggest weakness. If you ever see me get REALLY really angry, it's probably because I am frustrated. And I am probably frustrated because something isn't working like it's supposed to. (no for all of you judgy mcjudgerson's, that isn't code for "isn't working out like how I want it to.") I really mean it. If something is supposed to work one way, and then it doesn't that is when I get the most frustrated.

Like with the twitter
Or with our Wii, when I push a button and nothing happens, and then I die. Not fun
Or with a recipe (if I follow it directly)

Or really anything that says "Hey! I am going to work this way, so trust me!" and then it doesn't.

Seriously folks, steaming mad.

All that to say, though I love the whole Twitter thing, if they don't fix it soon I might just explode. (sorry for the dramatics....kind of.)

Also, please don't comment about how I need to work on this.. I am well aware of that. Be nice with comments please.

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