Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oh So Sweet..

I have heard it said, that, like the "freshman 15," the newlywed 90 can be expected.

90 you say! Shocked I am sure, but that is the number of the combined weight gainage of the husband and the wife in the first two years.

I am just glad that Ian and I have not come, and will not come anywhere close to that. Especially since my sweet tooth is, is, is...


That's what it is. Epic. But, I know that my cravings for all thing sweet and delicious are totally under control (despite what an observer might think.) Unfortunately, I have unleashed the beast in my husband and we have both been worried that it would reverse the massive weight loss he achieved 4-5 years ago. Have I not told you about that?

70 pounds. As a senior in high school. That is how much he dropped, 70 pounds. He's my hero, and I am so glad I have him around to help make healthy meal choices and to encourage me not make bad eating choices. Lucky, lucky me.

No, seriously.

I mean it.

Our good friends, John and Staz, (you know, the crazy wedding in Rhode Island, read HERE to refresh your memory,) told us something very interesting.

John, the guy Ian roomed with in Jordan and then spent a ton of time with in his senior year, who is also about the same size (at the time of his wedding in August- 6 foot 3, 175 lbs,) informed us that he has put on 55 lbs. In just 4 months!

I was shocked.

And then a little worried for them.

But overall, I am glad to know that we are doing the right thing and that six months later (That's right people, it has been over 6 months of marital bliss,) we are healthy and making smart choices.

It is oh so sweet.

And so is the fudgy brownies and cherry vanilla ice cream that we just had for dessert.



Marsha C said...

So, you're saying only fruit and veggies for Christmas? :o) Have no fear. We will have the usual unhealthy treats awaiting your arrival. Love ya and can't wait to see you!

Emily said...

Hang in there! I have lived the same battle Ian has for the last 27 years and you guys are so smart to get a handle on it early! I've battled to loose 54 pounds in the last 4 months and now I'm just trying to get through all the Christmas festivities and not blow it! You can still have fun, just be disciplined about eating the right things afterwards and most of all exercise, exercise, and exercise some more! The day after I've allowed myself to have a little fun food, I eat only lean protein, like egg whites, deli turkey, or rotisserie chicken. The following day I add my fruits and veggies back in. The reason why is the protein helps me get my blood sugar back on track. If you keep eating lots of sugar or carbs on top of one another it will make your energy level spike and drop rapidly. That will cause you to get into a vicious cycle of eating for energy and then getting exhausted from the sugar drop. As I said earlier, you are so smart to get a handle on it now! It's not rocket science, it's discipline. Have a wonderful, blessed Christmas with your families! Love from the Vargas Clan!