Friday, December 12, 2008

Stormy Clouds

Yesterday was one of those perfectly delicious, weird weather, Florida days. You know the kind. The ones where the clouds roll in to stay (big, black, puffy clouds,) and the wind picks up and tosses about the "leaves" we have on the ground. The kind of day where you wish you could just crawl in bed and stay there.

Well, I probably should have done just that.

Yesterday, at the end of the day, I lost my teaching job to the "budget crisis." I'm pretty heartbroken over having to leave my kiddos (and for losing the potential income.) But I know that for every thing, there is a reason. God is in control, and though I may not know exactly why this is happening, I do have an inkling of an idea. More 0n that later.

For now, please pray for us. This isn't really the "best" time of year to lose your job, (though I think that argument could probably be used any time of the year,) and there aren't really any job prospects on the horizon.


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Emily said...

Oh, Britt! I'm so sorry!! You and Ian are in my prayers always. I know God has a plan in all of this mess, just hang in there! I know way too many folks in your shoes right now. Doesn't make you feel any better to know that, but unfortunately that is the state of things. Do we really have to wonder why Florida ranks on the bottom of the education list? We're not paying teachers, but we're boosting worthless middle men and who suffers- the students. God is in control, but it's so hard not to get frustrated with what we've been witnessing this year.