Friday, December 5, 2008


It's been over a month now, but I thought I would fill you in on how I was forced, (well, kind of,) to "read," the book Twilight.

*spoilers ahead*

It's all the rage, you know? That obnoxiously cook book that all the teenage girls were reading and then some college girls, and then some not so college age girls were reading. And then those boys began reading it. You know the type. Different boys. And I know. I worked at a bookstore remember? I sold it to those people in waves, and in THAT particular order.

Anyways. I swore that I wasn't going to read it. I practically took an oath that I, Brittney Michelle Galloway, would, under NO circumstances, read the book Twilight, because it seemed so utterly ridiculous.

Then, we got in the car for girls weekend and Katie and Rachel pulled out matching copies. MATCHING copies!!!!!

I was doomed for sure.

They read to themselves in the book seat, but it wasn't any ordinary reading. There were lots of *gasp!* and *oh my gosh!* and *kiss her kiss her kiss her!* and the other Katie and I were just navigating away, trying to make our way to the Georgia mountains.

Then, the Katie with the book, got overwhelmed with excitement/car sickness and couldn't read to her self anymore, so Rachel debriefed us drivers, then began reading out loud.

What a girly book. It was like, MADE for a sleepover.

Every two or three minutes, one of us would be shrieking, calling out "What?!?" or "Read more!!!!" or, when there was a particularly fulfilling part, there were girlish giggles and anticipatory clapping.

We're talking straight out of the "Sisterhood" books. THat girly.
We read it in the car.
We read it in the cabin.

We read it in bed.

We read it in the parking lot.

And by "we," of course I mean, Rachel read it ALL outloud to us.

And then, on our drive home, going 70 down the interstate (I swear that's the speed limit,) we reached the climax where Bella is thrown against a wall, and she's JUST ABOUT TO DIE, when in comes the hero!

There were actual screams.

And flailing of arms.

And somehow my car got put into neutral.


But somehow, Bella survived.

And so did we.

It was very exciting.

I am not sure if I will ever read the rest of the books. I liked the first one, but I really think that's because the presentation of the story was so darn cool.

Rachel did voices and everything.

It was amazing.


Marsha C said...

That was very fun to read. I'm so glad you have such great friends. I love your blog!!

Denise said...

I am so glad you get to spend this kind of thime with your friends! Goes to show what a FANTASTIC husband you have, too.
Love ya bunches!

Kelli said...

Read the next three! And go see the movie.

McMommy said...

Wow....she read it all OUT LOUD to you all???

Now that's what I call a friend!!!!

I'm starting New Moon this week!