Monday, January 26, 2009

My School...

At MY school:

The teacher's lounge ONLY serves sweet tea. No questions asked.

The saftey patrol wear bright orange belts...and cowboy hats.

Boots and camo jackets are part of the dress code, (unofficially. I am SO un cultured in my Steve Madden's.)

It's normal for "ya'lls," and "oh my words," to escape the mouths of students and teachers without correction.

To earn money for the library, the librarian sells giant pickles on Fridays.

If the kids are too rambunctious, it is perfectly normal to open the door and let them run in the field.

"Riblets," make a normal appearance on the kids lunch menu.

My name is prounounced. Mizzes Gal-way.

The classes do not have phones.

The kids get excited about the rodeo coming. Pee-wee bull riding, is, in fact, for children.

Prayer is said before the staff meeting begins.

There is a family of cats that lives under the shed. One of my student calls him "Target Practice."

They often write about their guns or how many deer they shot that weekend.

It's very interesting.

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